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An Extra Special HarperCraft Promotion Dinner

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And on Pern ...
The time is 17:18.
It is evening of the fourth day of autumn.
It is the eighteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn evening.

Players: Vezre, Zilurana, Alesa, Kurt, Fintan, Cothia, Civur, Edsel, Gesal, Jhadi, Cashogan,Koeseran, Silfiel, Kosten, Aislan, Mathim, Tabur, Bardin

Summary: Ruhroh, more Harpers walk the tables!

Main Hall and Ballroom
The ballroom's vast space is simply and tastefully decorated, combining images and materials from many parts of Pern. Opposite the main entrance, a broad balcony is supported by pillars of the finest northern marble; polished to glassy smoothness,they contrast the toning blues of the walls. A staircase of the same stone rises in sturdy flights to the upper level. The high vaulted ceiling with its round wrought-iron window is white, brightening the room, while the varnished floor is the deep red-brown of a Lemos hardwood. High on the west wall, a large 'mural' shows a map of Pern framed by images of harper life and symbols of the Craft, while the bright 'tapestry' opposite offers an informal scene. Glowbaskets rest on marble stands of different heights, turned to give both direct and reflected light, while carved stone benches along the walls provide places to sit for those attending functions, or simply wishing to rest. For everyday use, rush matting protects the most frequented parts of the polished floor.
Watching from a bit of artistically carved lintel are five firelizards.
You see Party Food Table here.
Vezre, Zilurana, and Kurt are here.
Obvious exits:
Artist's Workshop Archive Vault Harper Office Harper Classroom Shainman Rehearsal Hall Great Hall Instrument Workshop Curving Stairways

From the balcony above, Fintan walks in from the Harper Lounge.
From the balcony above, Fintan walks down the curving staircase to the ballroom below.
Fintan walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

From the balcony above, Cothia walks in from the Dormitory Lounge.
From the balcony above, Cothia walks down the curving staircase to the ballroom below.
Cothia walks down the curving staircase from the balcony hallway.

As another autumn evening arrives at the Harper Hall, the typical evening lull is interrupted by a flurry of activity in the ballroom. Drudges with steaming platters are scurrying to set up several fancy buffet tables on the floor near the front of the stage, all draped with table linens of finest harper blue, with the hall crest in the center. There are four rows of tables, one for each rank, also draped in fine blue linens with varying colors of napkins, depending on the table. To the far right, the Student's table has white napkins, and next to it, is located the Apprentice table with its gray napkins, the Senior Apprentice table with its light blue napkins, and the Journeyman table with its napkins which match the harper blue of the tablecloths. Lining the back wall in a perpendicular fashion is the Masters table, with a few more officials than usual. In the center, MasterHarper Civur is positioned, looking quite sharp in a bright blue embroidered vest snugly fitting over his cream sisal shirt. Running his fingers through his silver flecked ginger locks, he does look a little impatient. To his right is temporary Istan Crafthead Gesal, who keeps looking about for something. His pudgy form is covered with a fancy gray tunic with long sleeved dress shirt, over black trous and boots. To his left we have Master Jhadi in a sultry long black dress, which almost looks like something she'd use in one of her dance performances. Next to Jhadi is an empty seat, reserved for Master Kurt and to the other side of Gesal sits Master Edsel, looking quite a bit tired, likely he's been repairing the harpsichord again.

It's rather unusual for him to come out from his rooms outside of events. Tonight however, Fintan has arrived to the dinner with his clothes looking nice and neat and his hair ordered. It's amazing what he can do when he plans a bit ahead to be somewhere. A distinct difference from the ruffled look he sported the night of his promotion. Casually the young Journeyman moves with a couple of the younger female journeymen towards the tables for the Journeymen, and only after they're each seated does he himself take a seat, settling down with a wink towards one of them.

Kurt walks into the room, leading a pack of other attendiees. He's wearing his fanciest black tunic and trousers, his hair pulled back into a braid. Noticing his seat, he frowns, then slides in between the other masters, folding his arms in a bit of a sulk. Couldn't he be sitting with the people that won't yell at him for throwing rolls at the Apprentices?

Zilurana makes her way to the apprentice table and sits down. She'll just sit and be a quiet little harper, the better to learn.

Vezre comes down from the dorm areas of the Hall, chatting with a couple of the other apprentices about classes and all that, typical female chatter, especially Apprentice chatter. The group pauses when they see the MasterHarper there, and quickly start up their conversation again, though a bit quieter as they make their way to the Senior Apprentice tables. They had heard officials were coming, but no idea why, but then, only special events happened at these dinners anyway.

Alesa makes her entrance just after Kurt, in a stunning new cobalt dress, with a tightly fitting bodice, swishing about her hips in a sultry manner. Her flaxen hair has been pinned into a bun with cascading curls framing her face. She quickly finds familiar fellow Journeymen and takes a seat at that table, somewhere near Realilina, Sara and Erikkhan.

Cothia is coming in quietly with a few other Apprentices, more blending in than really chatting. She moves quietly to settle at the Apprentice tables. Her attention is upon everything else around them.

Master Gesal keeps fumbling; is he ever going to find his glasses? Hopefully he didn't sit on them. Jhadi is drinking wine like there is no tomorrow, while Edsel looks like the slightest wind could knock him over. Meanwhile, Archivist Master Cashogan belatedly takes his seat at the head table, looking a bit embarassed that he is late. His typical bright yellow tunic has been replaced with a more muted orange one and his hair is nicely brushed. MasterHarper Civur stands, clanging a metal fork onto his very fancy goblet. "Good Evening, Harpers," he clears his throat, taking another sip of his drink. "I'd like to make a few statements before we begin," he shoots a death glare to some apprentices in the corner who are trying to see if a wherry leg can bounce off the table., "It has been a very tumultuous turn for our Craft, as you all well know." The trial of the turn, it sure has been! "But since the fateful events exactly one turn ago," It is true, the +time says it is so! "The Craft has made a comeback, well, especially at the Istan Hall. Master Gesal, a few words?" Master Gesal finds his glasses finally and shoves them on his face. They lay haphazardly and unevenly to the right until he fumbles, standing and almost knocking over his plate with his very rotund belly, "Ah, the Istan Crafthall. That is my pet trundlebug..wait no.." he coughs, "Istans are great! Yes!" And then he sits down. Civur massages his temples, it is going to be a long night. "Journeyman Alesa, can you please come up to the front?"

Vezre settles with the other Harper girls and looks over as the MasterHarper stands, falling silent. She listens to this intently and seems to nod slightly. They've had their problems, but it seems to be sorting themselves out with the proper leadership. The small group of girls cannot help but giggle at the Harper Master as he has a few issues, but remainly fairly polite. When Vezre's own mentor is called out, she turns to look over to the Journeyman table to see what Alesa has with the Masters.

Alesa stands and hurriedly makes her way to the front, nodding at the MasterHarper, and curtseying before the table of officials. She knows just what to do. "Senior Apprentices Vezre, Cothia, Koeseran, Silfiel and Kosten, please come to the front." She tucks a golden curl behind one ear and smiles pleasantly as she beckons them forward.
Zilurana looks down at her plate. She's not here, well she is just not in a way that will draw attention to herself. Zil's even gone so far as to slouch on the bench, the better to blend. Not that a girl as freakishly tall as she is blends all that well.

Cothia is letting out a soft squeak, quickly rising and falling into place behind Koeseran. More or less to hide behind someone else and to remain mainly out of sight. Or something like that.

The smile disappears on Vezre's face as her name is called about going up before the whole Hall. With a swallow and a nervous look to the others, she gets up and goes up with the others. She looks for quick reassurance from Cothia, though catches Kosten first as they head up to stand before Alesa. They stand in a slight line before the Journeywoman, entirely unsure of what is going to happen. Vez thought she was totally fine in the books of her mentor and the Masters...

As Cothia, Koeseran, Kosten, Silfiel, and Vezre are called to the front, Fintan joins Aislan, Mathim, Tabur, and Bardin. Receiving a nod from the Master Harper, the Journeymen begin moving from the Journeymen table towards each of the Senior Apprentices. Fintan goes to Cothia, Aislan to Koeseran, Mathim to Kosten, Tabur to Silifel and Bardin to Vezre. Each person holds a single knot with them as they take their Apprentice by the arm. Fintan begins the procedure saying,"Walk Cothia, Walk." A chant soon picked up by the rest of the room. Once at the Journeyman table, he places the knot before her and resumes his seat. Next it is Aislan, the tall female Journeywoman's voice rich as she says,"Walk Koeseran, Walk." And once again the room picks up the chant until Aislan stops at the Journeyman table and places the knot before Koeseran. Then broad Mathim with his scraggly bear takes Kosten by the arm, his voice a deep bass that resonates from his short frame,"Walk Kosten Walk." And once more the room erupts into the chant. When silence resumes, Tabur, a tall thin young man with a serious melancholy expression says,"Walk Silfiel, walk." Taking Silifel by the arm, he leads them to the journeyman table amidst chants of Walk Silifel Walk. Finally it comes to Bardin, a slender blonde Journeywoman with just a touch of grey to her hair, takes Vezre by the arm and says,"Walk Vezre, Walk." And the room once more erupts into the chorus as Vezre is lead to the Journeyman table, her new knot placed before her, as with all the others.

Cothia is lead by Fintan to the Journeyman's table, cheeks flushed a color of embarrassment for the whole being in public ordeal. She remains standing once there, looking down to the knot and smiling cheerfully and with relief visible despite the coloring in her cheeks.

Alesa nods approvingly, clapping in time as each Senior apprentice is lead to the Journeyman table, "Walk Cothia walk," she utters, "Walk Koeseran, Walk. Walk Silfiel, Veze, Kosten, walk, walk," she chants, keeping a nice slow clapping tempo along with the others in the room. Her face beams with pride at the apprentices, many of whom she helped over the turns, an educator and mentor's finest moment to see their mentees and students succeeding and rising in the ranks.

Vezre blinks as Cothia is the first to be taken over to the Journeyman table, to sit with the others and given a knot. As the others move over, she can't believe it, and almost shakes her head slightly. When her arm is taken, she needs to be lead over, though her feet manage to move. She hears her name in the chant and can't believe it. She stares at the knot as it is placed in front of her, still can't believe it. After a few moments though, she manages to work to sit down, and then her fingers somehow manage to remove the senior apprentice knot
and work the journeyman one on, a huge smile on her face. A Journeywoman...

Taking a small sip from his goblet before Master Civvur says,"Now there comes a time when we must acknowledge that which has become deserving of acknowledgement. Journeywoman Alesa, the Masters of the Hall have reviewed you record and have decided upon much conversation that the time has come for acknowledgement." This said he gives a slight nod to Gesal, who stands up and walks over to Journeywoman Alesa, and takes her by the arm,"Walk Alesa, Walk." He intones, and once more the hall erupts into a chorus of 'Walk Alesa, Walk!' Leading the way to the Masters' table, Gesal stops at a newly vacated spot, and places a new knot upon the table before her, and then returns to his spot.

Alesa looks dazed and confused. Her? Master? Really? She trembles slightly but maintains her
composure, sort of, as Gesal escorts her to the Masters table. "I.." she has no words but just leans over and replaces her Journeyman's knot with a shiny and new Master's knot, no hand me downs today! She affixes it to one of her shoulder straps of her dress and radiates a grin from ear to ear.

Cothia returns the chant for Alesa, grinning widely before settling down in her chair and ohso carefully swapping her knots. There's a look to Vezre and she grins widely at the other newly knotted Journeywoman.

Vezre looks up from her new position to hear the chant starting for Alesa. Her eyes go wide at hearing this and is among one of the loudest voices for her mentor. "Walk Alesa, Walk!" She doesn't stop until Alesa is sitting with the Masters. Her smile is still huge at seeing her mentor get what she deserves, the rank of Master. She catches Cothia's eye and gives a bit smile with a nod. They'll get up there eventually, but right now, this was perfect.

Civur looks approvingly at all those newly knotted. "Now," he utters, clearing his throat. Boy that is annoying. "The time has come to celebrate! Eat, drink and be merry," he indicates that the small musical ensemble to the side is to start playing reels and things, "All those newly knotted have the honor of being first in line at the food and drink tables. Eat, eat!" And finally he can relax, sitting down and cutting his prime rib, that herdbeast meat had been specially seasoned just for him but he has been unable to touch it. Jhadi looks a bit tipsy, Edsel has fallen asleep while sitting up, Gesal is tying his shoe, Kurt has disappeared to parts unknown and Cashogan has his face in, what else, but a book as usual. PARTY ON!
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