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Harper Craft of Harper's Tale MOO
Harper Craft Logs
Its my party and I'll fly if I want to.. 
5th-Aug-2010 12:22 am
MOO Time: 2010-07-28 17:59:01
Internet Time: @999 beats
And on Pern ...
The time is 15:59.
It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of summer.
It is the seventeenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a summer sunset. The fading light gives the land a dusky appearance. The breeze still flows in from off the ocean. Puffs of clouds turn pastel hues in the sunset.

Players:Tronar, Sadi, Vezre, Cothia, Schmendrick, T'ab, Alesa, Veldara, Danolan
Summary: What began as a party ended as something else entirely..

Main Beach
This long stretch of white sandy beach stands pristine among the beaches around Ista Island. The sand stretches off into the distance on either side of you, disappearing into the horizon. Several large uprooted trees dot the beach where they were most likely felled in a big storm. They look as if they'd make great benches, for people or firelizards alike. To the east, the crystal blue waters of the Hold cove roll up in gentle waves onto the beach, hissing softly as they ebb and flow. To the south, Ista Hold juts out of the cliff. Just west of here, a low bluff leads up to the grassy field that serves as the Hold's main gather grounds.
It is a summer afternoon. The sun sinks westward over the land, its blazing heat only moderated by the sea breezes coming from the ocean. White cumulus clouds begin to roll in from the east.
Curled up in the sand are two firelizards.
Bronze Tyroth and brown Kzydnth are here.
You see Party Food Table here.
T'ab and Ji'n are here.
Obvious exits:
Shallows Steep Trail Gather Meadow Ground Weyr Courtyard Courtyard Ista Sea Hold
You stand on the sandy main beach.

Party Food Table
A table loaded high with goodies! (To get something to eat, 'get from pft'. Your choices are: wherry leg, meatroll, roasted chicken slice, omelette slice, chicken salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich, water, klah, redfruit juice, or wine.)
On the table are Meatroll Platter, Wherry Leg Platter, Omelette Slice Platter, Roasted Chicken Slice Platter, Chicken Salad Sandwich Platter, Egg Salad Sandwich Platter, Wine Bottle, Redfruit Juice Bottle, Klah Bottle, and Water Bottle.

Alesa walks confidently and quietly in from the courtyard.

Cothia walks in from the courtyard.
Snapper blinks in from ::between::!

On this perfect Ista Isle summer afternoon, preparations are about finished for the /perfect/ party. Drudges are busily carting out hot and cold dishes of all sorts, a few harpers are jamming just outside the hold courtyard and some lazy apprentices are sunbathing. At the forefront of it all is Master Veldara, sitting in a very expensive looking chair under an umbrella, fanning herself. "Mmm, more juice, if you please? Its frightfully hot out ...today..." she murmurs, looking a bit peaked. Her personal manservant is quick to oblige as she waves her fan over to the food table, "They better make sure only our /best/ table cloths are out. Honestly, its soo hard to find good help these days.." She frowns as one drudge spills a few drops of stew on said tablecloth.

After emerging from between with a loud bugle, Tyroth performs drunken circles in the sky before landing a little way down the beach. The bronze's short rider easily slides down the dragon's side, T'ab wears light beach-party clothing, although he still has his skimpy bathing suit in case things get wild. The bronzerider takes some time shuffling through his mount's pack and waiting for his fellow Wingsecond to land before proceeding to the party.

Kzydnth appears just a blink of an eye behind Tyroth, grumbling something in response to the dying edge of that bugle, and dropping rather rock-like to his own landing. Which means that Ji'n's actually on the ground before T'ab. Similarly dressed, the brownrider gives a hard shake of his head as his wingmate approaches. "Man, betweenin' in clothes like this always half-turns me into a girl." There's an awkward tug to his pants, and then a snort, a quick glance behind him. "Dyz don't mind it so much. Wherry's ass."

Alesa steps out of the hold proper adorned in her blue and white bikini. In one hand she carries a wooden flute and in the other, a large jug of something. "My favorite iced tea, Master Veldara." Bowing courteously towards the master, she sets it down on the corner of the table closest to where she is situated and then makes her way over to the gaggle of musical types who are now just torturing a spiderclaw, "You know, an agitated spiderclaw is almost always /flat/," she says wryly, "I think instrument music is a bit better, don't you?" The gang looks exasperatedly at the adult, always ruining the fun around here!

Jerran comes walking out onto the beach, humming a bit as he looks around, a faint frown on his face for a moment as he stays a bit away from the gathering crowds.

Veldara looks imperiously over at Alesa, "Yes, this will do, /Alesa/." she says almost with an icy chill to her voice. Where's the love? None here, apparently, or rank acknowledgment. She eyes the arriving riders with surprise, rises to her feet and then gives them a sickening smile, "Why hello, Istan riders, how wonderful of you to attend our little gathering! Please, make yourselves right at home." She curtseys. And then regards everyone, projecting her voice rather well, "Welcome one and all to one of what will be many spleeendid beach parties thrown by the Harper Hall. Please, eat, drink, have fun and enjoy our hospitality. The limbo contest will begin in an hour and the sandcastle contest in an hour and a half." She sits back down on her chaise and props her feet up, looking quite like a smug queen on a throne.

T'ab chuckles a bit toward Ji'n as he shoves some items into his pocket and the bronzerider moves toward the brownrider with a grin, "Ah, the holder girls wouldn't be wantin' that m'b-- wingsecond. 'though remember some of these folks are Apprentices and'll get in trouble if they get caught kissin' folks like you." Then the short man starts wander in the direction of the party, "Now, remember we're supposed to just relax until this Mr. Schmendrick comes, he'll be lettin' us know anythin' else." Then the bronzerider reaches the Crafthead, bowing lightly, "Master, Ista Weyr's duty to you and your Hall." See he listened to that diplomatic training afterall.

Having been forced out of her normal comfort space is Cothia, lingering off quietly to the side with a book in hand. She's found herself settled down on the beach and abandoned by whoever dragged her out.

Danolan walks in from the Gather Meadow.

Ji'n is not so polite as T'ab, it would seem, and offers Veldara a salute, the formality of which is somewhat undone by that crooked smile pulling at his lips. No words address to the master; instead he thumps T'ab on the shoulder, and nods toward the food areas. "C'mon, I heard drinkin'. An' as if I'd get caught makin' out with an apprentice." Quieter (and, we'll hope, mostly outside of ranking harper earshot) comes, "I'd at least take 'em somewhere hard t'find."

Bam. Enter Danolan, life of the party; Senior Apprentice extrodinare, is not there one moment, there the next, saddling himself at the elbow of one said bronzerider T'ab. "Fancy meeting you blokes here. All well to see you again." He gives T'ab a quick salute, chin nodding J'in's way as he flashes them both a knowing and churlish grin. "Get yourselves comfortable. Have some drinks. Enjoy the party. Circulate." He makes the motion with his hand, his fortian baritone peaking with good humor. "And stick around for the main event." That is said with a drop of his voice for only the two riders to hear, and then he's moving off, hands deep in his pockets to move into the throng of party goers anew.

Vezre walks in from the courtyard.

Alesa pretty much ignores Veldara and is leading a soft yet jaunty tune with her flute. One apprenctice on strings and one with a small bodhran accompany her. the tempo isn't quite fast enough for dancing but provides nice background music for eating and the like.

Cothia looks up from her book at the sight of Danolan, lifting a single brow as she watches him but pretty much remaining where she sits, watching and observing idly.

Vezre is a bit late to the party, trying to finish an assignment up, no matter what everyone said about taking it easy. But the Senior Apprentice is now here and with a smile on her face since she can enjoy the party. She takes a moment to look around and spots Cothia, heading over to her partner and settles down beside her. "So what did I miss so far?"

T'ab rises from his bow and glances over to Ji'n with a grin, "There ya're thinkin' like a wingsecond. With that wit ye'll be a Wingleader soon 'nough." The bronzerider winks at the brownrider and then his gaze leads him to a familiar apprentice, "Ah, Mister Dano? I thought this /was/ the main event?" He does look a little blank toward the apprentice, because he doesn't know that he's supposed to know anything, already T'ab has scooped up a glass of wine and taken a few gulps of it, "You gonna be able to drink legally this time or still got those pesky rules in the way?"

"Don't tell him y'got rules out'f the way," Ji'n is quick to caution, in an over-the-shoulder glance as he secures a glass of wine for himself as well. "Just means he's gonna hit on y'all night 'less y'find someone prettier t'pawn him off on. An' I ain't up for pawnin'." There's a moment of serious expression, and then a cocky grin flashed out. So pleased with himself.
Schmendrick walks in from the Gather Meadow.

"No wine for me, thanks." Danolan calls out, but the guy is too quick to stay in one place, because he next appears next to Corthia and Vezre with a puppy-dog grin. "Ladies?" He tips his fingers to them politely, eyes up and scanning round the party with a distracted and intense look on his face, but it passes quickly and he drags his attention back to his fellow Apprentices. "Are you all up for an excting evening?" He knows something. That's for sure. "There might be--ah--an event. Soon. Tonight. But after that happens, can I score a dance? Or two?"

Veldara nods and does the royal wave at the various attendees as they arrive. Even some folks from Ruatha apparently have hitched a ride here. "Cuuubin, how good of you to coome.." she says unctuously, allowing him to kiss her hand. "I think you will find that this event is up to even /Ruathan/ standards. I cannot tell you how /impressed/ I am with how you do things at your illustrious hold."

Alesa and the others spring to their feet, and start a musical conga line. The line weaves and bobs and picks up a few party guests along the way as they travel the distance from courtyard area to just around the food tables. "Eeverybody dance!" the blonde proclaims as she waggles her hips and taps on the shoulders of the two riders, cricking her finger in the 'c'mon and join the fun' sort of gesture.

Cothia glances at Vezre and waves a hand in greeting. "Not a whole lot... Danolan just showed up." She notes offhandedly to the other beside her, smiling faintly before glancing down to her book. "Simply observing for now, actually..." She quiets as Danolan does indeed head their way and she lifts a brow. "Excited is... One way to describe it." The thought of a dance earns a pause, "a dance wouldn't hurt anyone." That's her version of yes.

Vezre blinks at Danolan as he comes up to them, though her eyes narrow a bit, "And what might exactly be happening that is causing you to smile like that Danolan? And I'm not sure about dancing, I know the basics, but I'm not very good. Better at singing then I am at that..." She tries to not let the boy get under her skin with his smiles and looks. She's supposed to focus on her work, on becoming an Journeyman, not on boys.

There should be some sneaky background music playing based on the way Schmendrick enters the beach from the meadows. His steps are slow and careful as if he's trying to tiptoe, but really it is that he's trying to avoid being within any range of those nasty trundlebugs. The man is dressed in his Harper's best with the bright blues especially popping since he's meticulously cleaned this set. Nerves. The Journeyman first makes his way to, who he guesses to be T'ab but is actually Ji'n and he taps the man on the shoulder, then withdraws his finger and pulls out his handkerchief to start wiping off any brownrider germs, "Err, uhhh, are you T'ab, Istan Guard Wingsecond?" And a swift glance is offered to Danolan and maybe a hand wave, one of those awkward hand waves that your parents give you and you really don't want to wave back because you are now thoroughly embarassed, one of those kind of waves.

Sadi walks in from the Ista Sea Hold Courtyard.

T'ab glances over to the females that Danolan is chatting with and the bronzerider smirks, "Ah, come now there Mister Dano, you've gotta be a bit more forward when ya flirt. Women like it when you know what you are doing." He grins broadly to the Apprentice before getting thoroughly distracted by Alesa and her dancing, "Oh, don't mind if I do." And the bronzerider quickly ignores the movement of the Journeyman and leaps into the congo line, firmly grabbing Alesa's hips all sexylike.

"Hey, if he ain't dancin' with that other one," and the brownrider's amber eyes have settled on Vezre now, "figure I might-" at which point his shoulder's being tapped. And Ji'n turns and looks the harper up and down once. "I sure ain't T'ab, but sure am wingsecond. Wing's called Uprush, by th'way. Istan Guard could just as well be th'ones without dragons. Anywho, he's-" and Ji'n has turned to point to T'ab, who's... gone. "Ji'n," is offered instead. "Kzydnth's." With a nod to that hulk of a brown.

Oh Dan notices. Dan notices and grimaces and jerks his eyes down. Oh god, it's like his mother just got here, with the really embarrassing article of clothing. Or a change of underwear. "Well, um. It's--for me to know." He starts to say something to Vezre, his eyes jerking up to give Schmendrick a dirty look. "And-- uh-- you to find out." Now he's just distracted, readily so, and he's grimacing. Balls. "I have to go, but, I'll uh. Take you up on dancing Cothia. As many as you want." The look he gives her is warm and sincere, and he's meeting Vezre's own glare with a bit of a face of his own before he's having to move back into the crowd and towards his mentor. Killing his groove man. Killing his groove.

Veldara is deep in conversation with Cubin when the arrival of someone she is not so glad to see catches her eye. She twitches when she observes the meeting with the Istan riders, not quite sure what to make of it. Suspicions soon pass and she puts back on her 'gameface'. "Cubin, oh, you /must/ try this wine. It is such a fine year. Saved it for only the most special of occasions." She snaps her fingers and manservant pours two generous goblets of it.

Alesa winks as T'ab grabs her hips, calling out, "Now that's the spirit!" As they wander around the food table, she snags a mug of something quite alcoholic and takes swigs amidst trying to keep her footing in the sands. The drummer and strings player up the tempo just a little as they hop up and down on some shoreline rocks, showing off for the laaadies probably.

"Ah, Ji'n... you're still a Wingsecond? You got... some rope or something?" Schmendrick glances nervously to the dancing T'ab and doesn't seem to want his help at this moment. The Journeyman then glances to Danolan with a frown and holds out a hide with a list of writing in his fine handwriting and then he speaks to both the brownrider and his mentee, "Follow me." The man then steps lively, clearing his throat and moving forward, "Harpers, could you stop playing for a second?!" He yells to the musicians as he continues to pace forward, "Master Veldara we have something to say to y... ugh!" And with that he collides with T'ab, who is holding some wine and spills a drop of it on the Harper Journeyman. He'll just sit here frozen for a few minutes, people staring, all that fun stuff.

Cothia smiles at Danolan, nodding. "Of course." She wiggles her fingers in farewell before turning attention to Vezre beside her. "He's not /that/ bad, Vez..." She murmurs in note to the other apprentice, giving her a smile. "Oh, right..." She slowly pushes to her feet, tucking the book aside. "We should probably get the limbo ready." It's Schemdrick that actually caused this thought to be remembered, despite the fact that he was aiming for an announcement.

"On Dyz's straps, sure." Ji'n half-steps toward the brown, and then halts himself. And instead follows, ducking only to leave his wine glass on the ground for whatever trundlebug wants it. Right up until he stops short and side-jumps and manages to avoid stepping on Schmendrick when he thwacks into T'ab. Only a moment later, he's ducking around and grabbing for the bronzerider. And in hushed tones that probably everyone's gonna hear, 'cause y'know, collisions draw attention, he hisses, "Wanna grab some rope outta Dyz's strap-bags?"

Sadi has made her way out onto the sands from the direction of the dolphinhall. She stops when Schmendrick starts his announcement, then stifles a laugh when he collides with T'ab. Rope? Maybe Sadi will just stand still to see what's going to happen.

Vezre gives a shrug, "He seems more of a hassle, a troublemaker. But we're supposed to be focusing on our project, not boys..." She blinks at the mention of the limbo and nods, "Oh, of course, so that we can play..." she smiles though looks over to Schmendrick as he tries to do his announcement. "Well that didn't work out, did it?" she asks as she goes to get the pieces to set up the limbo on the sand.

T'ab has spilled wine and the bronzerider disengages the conga line to frown toward the Journeyman, "Oh, I'm sorry there Mister, got a little wild?" Then a glance is offered to Ji'n as the bronzerider pulls out some rope from his pocket, frail stuff that'll probably work for the time being since Veldara is old. "Here ya're, now what'll we be doin'?" But to the frozen Journeyman, T'ab continues to stare, "Are... you okay there sir?"

Alesa stops dead in her tracks, and waves at the strings and bodhran guys to simmer down nyow. The annoying thing about suddenly stopping is that things tend to collide, such as her hips likely bumping poor T'ab as Schmenny also hits him. Let's hope its not a direct hit to certain /areas/. As she gets a good look at who has suddenly materialized, and /in the open/ her eyes widen and she starts to say "Sc-" but the sound is cut off in her throat as she tries to make sense of what all is going on.

Cothia shrugs, "I don't know... He does seem like a troublemaker... But, he was rather nice when I was in the Archives late at night and he needed help. And, he's not really that distracting. Sometimes. He just wanted a dance." She smiles at the other, before looking back at Schmenny, shaking her head. "Nope... Too bad." And she follows along with the other to set up the limbo.

Veldara looks quite livid and clunks her wineglass down upon the table. "What /IS/ the meaning of /this/!" she yells out, frowning at all involved. "This is a party, not some..some..." She sputters, "Some Bitran bar brawl." Say that three times fast. Cubin starts to retreat, you wouldn't like Veldy when she's angry. Things tend to get broken.

"Uh, yeah--" Danolan is there to pick up where his mentor left off, and he's grabbing the hide out of Schmendrick's hand to rebound from the man's tendencies. At this rate, nothing is ever going to get done. "We are here, um." Oh nerves. Danolan's baratone quivers just slightly and then he's swallowing it down, scanning the crowd and dipping his head back down to read. "Crafthead Veldara, we are here, on Harper decree and under the authority of the CraftMaster, to arrest you for the charges of--" He pauses to scan the document; sorry, lost his place. "Right, of destroying and counterfeiting documents, abusing crafthead responsibilities and powers, and false accounting and obstruction of evidence." He clears his throat to pause. "Hope you understand."

Ji'n reaches for the rope presented by T'ab, giving an odd little look to his wingmate. "Shards, don't even wanna know why y'carry this stuff 'round with ya." Danolan's words have the guard drawing to attention. Although the stuttering finds his expression moving from serious to sort of bemused, and he spares a glance away from Veldara and to the harper apprentice - for just a minute - before taking a step forward toward Veldara. And keeping the hand with the rope behind his back. Oh, there, the serious face is back.

Vezre gets over to the area the limbo is supposed to be set up, however, that's about when Danolan starts to talk. She listens idly until she hears the word 'arrest', which is when she stops, and looks over to Schmendrick and Danolan, before her eyes settle on Veldara. "Ooooo, that's what... Shards... No wonder..." she says lowly, enough for at least Cothia to hear, but right now, watches what is to happen.

Schmendrick is still a little frozen as he stares intently at the stain on his perfect blue shirt, he just sits there stuttering for some long moments before he looks up, watching Ji'n move forward the Journeyman manages some speak, "Err... Uh... Ji'n, if you could place the Master in restraints... I... uh... would... er... like it?" A nod is also offered to T'ab.

Veldara drops her jaw, looking shocked. "You..cannot be serious. False. Its all false. I know who fabricated this. Its because I refused to marry that Crom diplomat. That tunnel snake egg sucking son of a dimglow wherry asshole!" She fumes, stomping her foot. "I refuse to accept these charges. They are /false/. It is not easy being a woman of such status as I." She fans herself vigorously. "You make /enemies/. Surely /you/ understand. I will be retiring to my room for some hours. Expect a letter from Crom clearing me of all your worthless accusations." She waves her hand dismissively and starts walking towards the hold again.

Sadi blinks a few times and then finds herself sitting down where she is. Now who would have thought that a master of any craft would be placed under arrest?

T'ab follows up behind Ji'n and chuckles, "Oh, y'know, lots o' people needin' to be tied up." Then the bronzerider nods toward Tyroth who has decided to use his gigantic bronze body as a wall between Veldara and the Hold, which takes a few moments because he /was/ napping, "Now Master Veldara, I don't be likin' this much either, but there is even a signed document with the Master Harper, I can't imagine she'd be doin' it for revenge or nothin'." He is already opening his arms to help corral the Master.

Cothia helps with the setup quietly, then looks to Danolan as he speaks. She looks back to Vezre, smiling. "Kind've what I was figuring..." She notes softly under her breath to the other, her attention slowly turning to watch the scene unfold.

Ji'n is up on the balls of his feet the moment that Veldara starts her speech of - what is that, exoneration? And he's moving with T'ab to help corral, coming from the other side, ready to run. That much is apparent by his stride. Kzydnth, meanwhile, has lifted his head, shuffled his wings a bit, and is just /watching/. Like he does. "Hate t'have t'actually use restraints, save y'self lots of embarrassment," is offered. "Or, some." Smooth.

Schmendrick has set aside the fact that there is a horrific stain on his tunic and instead tries to focus on the situation at hand, "We have orders from the Master Harper, Master Veldara. Whatever you think the case may be, you are more'n welcome to bring it to your /trial/. And with this, we have been given permission to search and seize all evidence in your office and room." All the booze will become his. The Journeyman then steps forward a few more times as he watches the riders attempt to round up the Master.

Well, looks like there's nothing to see here, Sadi stands and heads for the water. She'll just go for a swim.

Veldara is hurrying towards the hold when a giant leezard with wings decides to make himself a wall. "Do you /mind/?" She hisses at the dragon. "Shoo now. /Shoo!" she fluffs her hands at him impatiently. "Go..eat a wherry or something." Pfft. She frowns over at T'ab, "Tell him to move away. Tell /him/." She snorts. "Restraints? As /if/! Search whatever you like, you'll find /nothing/." So she thinks. Panic levels rising, she starts trying to go around the side, towards the trail.

That's Ji'n's cue; the young brownrider takes to the speed his legs had been waiting for, catching up to the old harper master pretty easily, and sending a rather firm grab to her arm, though he's at least aiming for a sudden stop rather than any twisting motion. Don't break old joints, even when resisting arrest. "A'right, y'gonna come with me /now/." Said with surprising authority for a seventeen-turn-old, eyes narrowing as he plants his feet in preparation for further... lack of compliance.

Tronar walks in from the courtyard.

Alesa is just standing there with her jaw practically on the ground, saying nothing, watching the two guards trying to subdue Veldara.

T'ab seems to be taking this all with ease as he continues to follow behind, "We're takin' ya to the Fort Hall first and we'll gather some things for ya later." The bronzerider then watches Ji'n grab and the other man makes his move to flank the woman's other side, although his hand rests on the woman's shoulder, "If'n yer innocent, ain't gonna be incarcerated for more'n a day or so, might'as well just let it happen, Ma'am. If it helps we feel /awfully/ bad 'bout this."

Schmendrick is standing behind, "Master Veldara, it'd be best you listen or else resisting arrest under the authority of /your/ craftmaster will be added to that list of charges against you. And I can't imagine one more, with so many witnesses, would be helpful for you case." And now he's already pulled some water from the counter and starts to work on getting some of that wine stain out.

Veldara starts to shriek and flail, kicking out her high heeled shoes out at J'in's shin, making solid contact, and also probably elbowing his ribs and chin and whatever she can reach. "get your /hands/ off me. You little boy, how on Faranth's golden sands do they let little shits like you...." She hisses still struggling but knowing when she's likely overpowered. T'ab's words make her spit in his general direction, but apparently have an effect. "This is an /outrage/, ruining our party like this....Heads are going to /roll/ over this incident!" she screams but then abruptly stops struggling. Best to not ruin her extremely expensive outfit. Slave to fashion. Schmendrick is ignored.

Tronar, who's been hanging out at the fringes of this shindig, has slowly been making his way closer to the scene of the storm, eventually ending up near Alesa. "Does this mean blue is back in fashion?" he asks quietly, either of the journeyman or just someone else nearby. He hooks his thumbs into his trouser pockets and watches the riders with a bland expression.

Ji'n bites back a half-uttered curse (it starts with an 'f'), and half-curls forward for the elbow to his ribs. He's had training enough, though, to know to duck his head away from the flailing, all the while wrapping those lanky arms of his 'round Veldara's - attempting to immobilise her. And oh yeah, there's gonna be tunic-grabbing and tugging in the struggle. He's mad now. "We're gonna carry you out by th'shardin' limbs if we gotta. An' you /don't/ wanna hit me again, or that big one," and look, here comes Kzydnth, hopefully not stepping on anyone as he goes, 'cause he's not paying all that much attention to the path before him, "is gonna get real mad an' he's got wicked sharp claws. "T'ab, think I dropped that rope, wanna grab it?"

T'ab lets Ji'n handle the woman as he kneels over and grabs the rope, proceeding to force the woman's hands together behind her back and knotting them up good. "Naw, I don't think the party is /ruined/ m'dear Master." The bronzerider smirks and looks over to the band, "We could use some exit music my Harpers." A wave offered as he nudges the woman toward Dyz because the brown may be easier to mount, "Let's get ya up, hopefully ye know how to ride a dragon."

Veldara is silent, her cheeks bright spots of red in shame, embarassment and anger. She allows herself to be lead away silently, staring at her feet, not meeting anyone's eye. What else is there for her to say but to try to mount the dragon without too much clumsiness. Well as little clumsiness as one can muster who is tied up.

Schmendrick nods politely to the two riders, "The Master Harper will be awaiting your arrival. Thank you riders, the Istan Hall owes you a great debt." And then toward the Harpers again, "No reason not to... uh... party, got the band and food all set up anyway."

Ji'n is good enough to at least assister the master up his dragon. And then is rough in clipping a passenger belt 'round her and clipping her to the straps, and finally swinging himself up on the squashy 'ridge behind the harper. So he can keep an eye on her. "T'ab, we'll meet ya there?" And then, with just a quick few steps and pauses to be sure everyone's out of the way, the dragon is off, rumbling a gravelly reply to Schmendricks' thanks.

Alesa has managed to retrieve her jaw from the beach but is still in a shocked silence, scratching her ear. The strings and percussion fellow do start strumming up some kind of tune. If one knew better it probably sounds like the so long song from Sound of Music.

Veldara climbs over a meaty shoulder to wriggle herself between Kzydnth's narrow 'ridges.
Ji'n climbs over a meaty shoulder to wriggle himself between Kzydnth's narrow 'ridges.

T'ab nods toward Ji'n as he steps back to allow enough room for the brown, "I'll see ya there, we'll be right behind ya." The bronzerider then turns toward the Harpers that may be watching and he offers a wave, "T'was a lovely party, shame I can't stay." Then he slides up his own mount, salutes Schmendrick and flies off on Tyroth behind the Dyz.

Tyroth offers a coconut-rum arm to help T'ab climb up to his golden whiskey neckridges.
Kzydnth jumps into the sea breeze and unfurls his wings to fly!
Above, Kzydnth jumps up from the beach and flies into the sky!
Tyroth jumps into the sea breeze and unfurls his wings to fly!
Above, Tyroth jumps up from the beach and flies into the sky!

Sadi didn't really go into the water, she simply drifted out of sight glad that the apprentices of her own hall have remained in their dorms. Though it probably won't be long, and Sadi will like as not have to ask the harpers for their advice regarding her own problem. As the dragons lift off and disappear, the headwoman makes her way out of the shadows once more, "Well, that is an exit that won't soon be forgotten," and there's the food, she'll just help herself.

Above, Kzydnth winks into ::between::!
Above, Tyroth chases the darkness of ::between:: with a shot of his spiced rum hide.

Vezre watches as Veldara is actually arrested before their very eyes, and taken off to the Harper Hall at Fort Hold to answer for what she has done to the Ista Hall. She looks over to Cothia once she manages to recover. "Think things may go smoother here now that she's finally gone?"

Tronar joins a couple other nearby apprentices in waving off the Harper-laden dragons, as his bland expression is taking a turn for the more amused. "I'm assuming that was the night's entertainment. Not quite a Smith's fireworks, but hey."

Cothia watches the scene with a look of shock, but saying nothing until Vezre speaks. "Well... I hope so. I only wonder if we'll be able to finish our project now..."

Schmendrick spots Tronar and starts to wander in the direction of the Apprentice, although the Journeyman is distracted by trying to get the wine cleaned out from his shirt. "Err... I'm your mentor, Tronar... could you... uh..." He stops to continue to wipe the wine, just spreading some of the stain, then pulling out a scroll he hands it to the young man, "Hold onto this, and deliver it to the librarian as soon as you are done here, she'll want to archive it." Yes, already handing out duties and then the man starts to stalk over to the Hold to get a change of clothes.

Schmendrick walks off the beach towards the courtyard.

"Translation," Tronar drawls softly, watching Schmendrick exit, "don't lose this." He gives his fellow apprentices a quick wave and follows after the journeyman, apparently intent on completing that order as soon as possible.

Tronar walks off the beach towards the courtyard.

Alesa snaps back to attention, "Ah well ah.." She eyes the limbo setup which is probably close to or totally ready. "Let's Limbo! Everybody line up!" She claps her hands, although she's just going through the motions, in shock a bit.

Vezre blinks as she suddenly hears Alesa call for the limbo, in which she turns around. They're only partially set up. "I guess we better hurry up and finish..." she starts to scramble in order to do just that, so that they could enjoy the rest of the party, despite the arrest of the Master in charge.

Cothia nods and helps finish the limbo setup as Alesa calls for it. And once that's done, she's quick to hurry away to her book. And then later dance with Danolan before suddenly disappearing.

Sadi finishes loading a plate and finds a place to sit, "Sadi," the voice is clearly recognized as Vestin, "Sadi, She wants to see you," the headwoman stands and glares at her former lover, "Shards Vestin, don't you see I'm trying to relax? Oh, alright," she says as she sets the plate down untouched and follows the now former journeyman, "Run ahead and tell her I'll be there soon," Sadi moves towards Alesa, "My apologies, I can't stay," she says before turning to leave and go back to the dolphin hall.

Alesa winces, "Or not. Have a pleasant evening, everybody...thank you for..coming?" She walks over to some drudges and sees about cleanup. Again, in robot/shock mode.

Sadi walks to the Ista Sea Hold.

Vezre looks to Alesa as it seems that the rest of the party is shot. "Leave it to Schmendrick to ruin a good party, right?" she asks Alesa as she goes to help clean up. "But maybe now Cothia and I can finish our project..."

Alesa nods absently to Vezre, "We should all have a meeting soon to check on your progress with that. Just..not tonight.." She utters somewhat faintly and turns back to the party cleanup. "Do you want to help carry some of these dishes back to the kitchens..?"

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