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Let the audit begin

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The time is 16:46.
It is evening of the thirty-second day of autumn.
It is the fifteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn sunset.

Players: Alesa, Schmendrick, Moria, Jamilah, Erikkhan, Purima
Summary: Schmendrick comes to Alesa to discuss a HarperHall audit, and later, Jamilah runs in looking for a healer..

Part 1:

The Flying Mug
A few shades too bright for the lighting to ever be called quite dim, the interior of the Flying Mug reveals upon closer inspection the marks of a much-frequented bar. Although the tables all match and the chairs are of a set, one or seven chairs have a wobbly leg, a few tabletops have big gashes across them, and each surface has an intricate pattern of turn-old mug rings. A well stocked, well polished and well maintained bar stretches across the expanse of the wall, facing the series of shuttered windows looking out on the courtyard. The bar stools are better maintained than the chairs, with low backs. And they spin, too! An intricate 'mural' covers the ceiling and there's a 'note' on the wall.
High in the rafters are seven firelizards.
You see Flying Mug Menu, Dragon Darts, Deedri, and Bartender Lem here.
Schmendrick is here.
Obvious exits:
Dining Hall Great Hall
You stand in the rather rambunctious Flying Mug.

What does an autumn sunset in mid autumn find Alesa doing? Sitting at her usual table with her waiter friend Laharl, they're engaged not in chess, but in a game of cards. "Royal Flush!" the handsome tanned man proclaims with a smirk and a teasing gleam in his eye as he lays his hand down on the table. Alesa gasps, "Oh Faranth, you beat me again! All I had was two aces!" she pouts, leaning over to punch his arm playfully. "I'll buy you a drink later m'dear," Laharl comforts and rises to stand, "My break's over, back to work. And you /did/ beat me the last time." He crooks his arm around 'Lesa's shoulders and gives her a sideways hug, gathers the cards up and replaces in his pocket and goes back to work. Alesa just shakes her head and grins back at him, "Later then, Harl." And so she returns to working on a half eaten plate of fried tubers and a chilled mug of wine.

A young law apprentice meanders into the Flying Mug, with his brown-haired mentor following quietly behind, the apprentice grabbing the door's knobs and pushing people out of the way to minimize Schmendrick's contact with anyone. The older man's hair is flying away from his head and his eyes are wide, too much anxiety for one man to handle. The boy ends a few feet away from Alesa, pointing at the woman, "Don't point Apprentice, 'tis rude, you're done with your punishment now, I will see you in class tomorrow morning." No contact pat on the back or even eye contact on the apprentice's face, he immediately turns to Alesa and clears his throat, "I... apologize if I am interrupting anything important Alesa, but I feel like you are the best person to talk to."

Alesa is mid swig when she notes the entrance of Schmenny and his apprentice. She carefully puts the wine down and greets him with a smile, "Ah, Journeyman Schmendrick, good to see you. Come, have a seat." As it hits her that something might be wrong, she frowns and furrows her eyebrows a bit, "Surely, you're not interrupting anything, I was thoroughly beaten in a poker game, but my ego will recover." She gestures to the empty seat across from her that Laharl had just occupied.

"Ah, poker, a fairly simple game to win if you know the statistics involved." Two-way ANOVA and all that jazz. Schmendrick glances at the seat that was just vacated and he withdraws a redwort soaked cloth and wipes it down. Once dry, he seats himself, not touching a single thing but glancing at the fried tubers with fear. "Errr... uh... well, I have been meaning to talk to the Journeymen that have been around a while... about our supply shortage."

Alesa wrinkles her nose, "Yes, and the statistics were in my favor the last few times. Should have gone easy on the wine." She tips her mug over slightly so he can see the liquids within and then rights it before any actually spills. She nods, "There has been a supply shortage as of late, this is true. It just seems to be worse and worse as the time goes by, though. And now that we have some of the newer, rowdier apprentices breaking some of our instruments and messing up the artist workshop, the need for more supplies has become greater. Tell me, what are your thoughts?"

Schmendrick nods his head slowly, "Yes, and my students have been needing to reduce their note-taking to minimize hide use, which is quite unfortunate given the details one must go into to fully understand the intricacies of law..." He pauses a moment, smirking slightly, "... I digress. Sorry." And then he waves his hand idly, "I do not want to blame any specific area of the Hall, but I believe the culprit may be a misappropriation of marks, leading to an unequal share of wealth. I... have contacted the official auditors, they would like to come visit. I wanted to see if you thought that a good idea, Master Veldara has been... dodgy of my requests."

The mention of Master Veldara immediately brings a change in Alesa's demeanor, her eyes narrow and her body stiffens a bit. "Oh she is, is she?" Apparently Alesa is not a fan of this lady's techniques. "That's..odd..." She frowns again, and picks at the tuber pile, dipping another large piece in some sauce and popping it into her mouth, chewing while she contemplates. "Surely, you'd think we have nothing to hide, I think we should welcome auditors into the Istan hall." A pause, "With, or /without/ Veldara's blessings. secretive sometimes, although mostly we all thought her a bit.." she looks around to make sure nobody is listening, "stuck up."

Schmendrick nods his head slowly, "I have gathered that she is quite obsessed with herself and her personal effects." Not that it is an indicator of possible wrongdoing or anything, "But coming from the main hall, I am quite used to the particular behaviors of the Masters. I just wanted to get another opinion on the whole situation, as it will bring the authority of the entire Harper Craft onto this Hall. We don't have anything to hide that I'm not aware of, do we?" Schmendrick is not all work, but he would like to know if they have to hide the skeletons.

Particular behavior, surely. Alesa nods also, "I also think its good to remind the Fortian hall that we matter too, I think sometimes it is more the case of out of sight out of mind?" She shrugs. "Not that I know of, no, unless some apprentices are hiding pigs in the necessary again." Oh those rowdy apprentices, always doing dumb stuff.

Schmendrick nods his head slowly, "Yes, it will be nice to make aware to Fort that we are a properly functioning craft, although our superiors are remotely concerned with the supply shortage, thinking we are squandering it away for hedonistic purposes." A chuckle at the end of that, for Schmenny couldn't own more than a couple of things anyway in his bland room. "Well, we'll want to announce to the apprentices that /are/ hiding pigs to probably get rid of them or hide them better, the auditors and I will be quite thorough in our work. I also wonder if it would be a problem to ask for the assistance of the Apprentices in this matter, it would be nice to have numerous hands working to record?"

Alesa can't help but laugh softly at that, "Yes, we should put up notices in both the dormitories that pig hiding needs to be suspended for a sevenday or two." She shakes her head, grinning at him, and then she's back to professional demeanor. "Yes, that's acceptable, we can even give them the incentive of homework credits if they choose to assist, I think we'd get plenty of volunteers."

Schmendrick nods his head as he instead shifts in his seat, looking to move, "Okay, I just wanted to get verification that I wasn't being too overbearing with my efforts to even out things here. Hopefully it is just a case of misplaced supplies and marks." Not. Thats no fun. Then the man rises to his full extent, "I'll let you get back to your disease-ridden tuber eating, I shall put up notices and inform Fort right away."

Alesa chokes at bit at the disease comment, and then regains her composure, "Yes, later if you need me, just look in the infirmary," she quips, raising one eyebrow and smirking at him. "Yes, lets just hope someone is just not quite intelligent enough to be managing our supplies correctly, and we can simply fire them and hire someone more competent." Lets hope.
"Let us hope." Schmendrick gives a light bow and then exits the mug, walking a little lighter than he entered.

Part 2:

Jamilah steps into the Flying Mug and strides right up to the bartender. She taps the bar for attention and then leans across it to quietly confer with the person on the other side. As the bartender turns to pour a glass of water, the apprentice steps up onto a nearby stool, takes a deep breath, and announces, in a somewhat bored tone of voice, "Are there any healers in here? Guards? Former guards?"

Moria strides gracefully in from the great hall.
Purima walks in from the great hall.

Alesa is heading out the door when she encounters her mentee. "Ah, evening Senior Appren-" she starts to say but is taken aback by Jamilah's statements, "Why do you need a healer or a guard?" She blinks a few times, looking alarmed and confused, ok, confus-alarmed.

Purima doesn't resist as Moria leads her into the Flying Mug, her shoulders still shaking with sobs.

As she dismounts the chair, Jamilah opens her mouth to respond to Alesa, only to see the object of need walk through the door with Moria. She points. "Not me. Her." She takes the cup of water off the bar and follows Purima and the other apprentice.

Moria guides Purima straight toward Alesa. Glancing at Jamilah she asks, "Oh, is that water for her? That's thoughtful of you." Any enmity she may feel for the darker apprentice is suppressed. Moria herself looks tired and somewhat dishheveled, at odds with her normal appearance, but that's of no moment just now. "Journeyman Alesa," she says. "I ran into this girl in the Hall. I don't know what's wrong. She just said 'I'm alive.'" There's a tiny pause and she looks at Alesa imploringly.

Purima is trying to control her sobs, but it just makes her hiccup, as tears continue to stream down her face. She doesn't look at anyone, or say anything else.

Alesa scratches her head, "Who?" But at that point Moria and the unknown woman enter. "Ah. Evening Senior Apprentice Moria. You..did? Miss, what's wrong, do you need a healer?" She takes a few steps towards the newcomer, wondering what's going on.

Erikkhan walks with an arrogant step in from the great hall.

Jamilah sighs and rolls her eyes as Moria turns to Alesa and Alesa queries the girl. She gives Alesa a pointed look, and states, matter-of-fact, "She needs a healer." Unfortunately, while many concerned pairs of eyes follow the sobbing girl and her entourage, no healer makes him or herself known.

Moria guides the girl forward, toward a chair. "Why don't you sit down?" she suggests. She glances at Jamilah, and then toward Alesa, and gives the Journeywoman a shrug. "Take a deep breath," she says soothingly to Purima. "What's your name?"

Healer. Healer. Healer. That's what he called her, too. Of course, none present would know about that. All they see and hear is Purima inexplicably letting out a wail and covering her face again, her tears and sobs renewed. She does sit in the chair, though she probably doesn't really realize what she's doing or what else is going on around her.

Alesa hmms, "Well then why didn't someone take her to a Healer? What are you all doing in a tavern?" That is the question of the hour. Alesa frowns, "I'm going to go fetch a healer, does she need a physical healer or a mind healer?" That is also a good question.

Jamilah bites her tongue on any tart remarks as she shifts from foot to foot. She clears her throat. "I don't think it matters... ma'am." And, before she gets too uncomfortable, out the door she goes.

Jamilah walks through a door into the great hall.

Erikkhan strides into the mug, looking... exasperated and tired. Barely noticing anyone, he walks to the bar and orders himself something to drink. Only then do his eyes wander the room. They land on a couple of familiar faces. If Alesa looks over, she might find him raising a questioning brow at her. Moria is also noticed and a smile is sent her way, if she happens to be looking.

Moria makes sure that Purima is settled down and once she takes her arm away she notices Purima's apprentice knot. "She /is/ a Healer," she says, sounding surprised. "I just brought her here to get her something to drink. She ran into the Hall panting and gasping, and there aren't any obvious wounds..." she trails off, and some spidey-sense alerts her to Erikkhan's gaze. She lifts her eyes to meet his, and even amidst all the tumult, and despite her own fatigue and disheveled appearance, she gives him a very small smile in return. "What's your name?" she gently asks the girl again. "I'm Moria."

Crying (among other things) is tiring, and Healer apprentice does look weary as she slumps listlessly in the chair. Though her tears still flow, it seems the sobs are starting to abate of their own accord. Only now does she seem 'calm' enough to respond. She looks blearily up at Moria. "Pu" She swallows and tries again. "Purima."

Alesa looks surprisedly as she offers to find a healer but then Jamilah scoots out the door, and Erikkhan enters the same door. "Uh, unless you are a Healer, Moria then you shouldn't be speculating on her condition. Probably if she is a healer, and from the looks of it, an apprentice, they will be wondering where she is. " She takes note, "Ah, Apprentice Purima. Is it a rest day for you or will they be expecting you back at the Healer hall?"

Erikkhan watches the scene unfolding in front of him with interest. He recieves his drink and walks up to the group, drinking as he does. His cup is lowered right as he arrives. "Anything I can help with ladies?"

Moria blinks at Alesa. "I just thought she looked thirsty, and tired. And... this is the closest place with water and chairs." She blushes a bit and bites her lip. "I'm not a Healer, ma'am." She slides the glass of water closer to Purima. "What happened?" she asks. "Are you all right? Do you need help?" She shrugs at Erikkhan and pushes her hair back from her face. "I don't know what's wrong with her," she says. "She just ran into the Hall, all sweaty and out of breath, and started crying, so I brought her in here."

Purima's gaze is mainly focused on nothing, though she responds to the questions. "Rest day... Exploring. Walking home... Alone..." Her brow wrinkles in a slight frown. "Stupid... but..." She shrugs. "Then leg... trapped. And out of nowhere..." She screws up her face, looking about to cry again. "Clawing... And... a knife..."

Alesa makes an odd face as she tries to figure out what the girl is actually saying, disregarding all others at the current time. "Trapped legs and knives. I'm..going to go get that healer and see where Jamilah went off to. Erikkhan, would you mind watching the girl until a higher ranking healer comes to take a look at her? Probably best if she's not moved." And with that, Alesa takes off.

Erikkhan nods at Alesa and waves when she walks out the door. He takes a seat near the girls and smiles. "You should try to breath deep, it'll calm you." This comment is directed at Purima. A furtive glance is sent Moria's way.

Moria focuses her attention on Purima, her brow furrowing as the girl gives a disjointed, confusing account of what happened. She doesn't seem to quite grasp it at first. "You were exploring? Alone? And your leg got trapped? And... something tried to claw you? And you got away by stabbing it?" She's guessing, obviously. She glances up as Alesa leaves to find a Healer. She catches Erikkhan's furtive glance and gives him another smile, though this one is tired. She shakes that off, however, to deal with Purima and wait for her answer.

Purima shakes her head and whispers, "I was trying to hit him away but he had a knife." The movements around her seem to somehow snap her back to herself, however, with someone leaving and someone drawing closer. She stands up abruptly, so that her chair falls to the ground with a loud clatter. Her expression is one of bewilderment as she looks around at the two strange faces and the surroundings she has somehow found herself in. "I... I'm all right! I'm ok. Thank you." She bows slightly to no one in particular and repeats, "Thank you." Then, before either Erikkhan or Moria could stop her, she has bolted out the door.

Erikkhan stands and looks bewildered as the girl rushes out. Then he scowls. "Alesa's gonna skin me..." He mutters. He turns back to Moria. "And you found her like that? Poor girl really should she a healer."

Moria would follow, but the girl obviously doesn't want the company, so she remains where she is. She merely slumps a little. "Yeah," she says, sounding tired. She pushes herself to her feet and picks up her books. "Walk me back to the Hall?" she asks, giving him a wan little smile.

Erikkhan smiles. "Sure." He finishes off his drink, leaving the glass for a drudge. He does
push in his chair though.
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