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Harper Craft of Harper's Tale MOO
Harper Craft Logs
Uncovering the past 
17th-Jun-2009 01:34 pm
MOO Time: 2009-06-16 21:54:26
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And on Pern ...
The time is 21:54.
It is late night of the eightieth day of summer.
It is the twelfth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a summer late night.

Harper Office

The office is cheerful, the light reflecting off of whitewashed walls and ceiling. A pattern mimicking musical notation in colors runs along the tops of the walls, shelf upon shelf rising from the floor to meet it. Desks, cabinets and filing drawers are arranged about the room, workplaces for those whose job it is to keep the harpers and hall in order.

Watching from a high shelf are two firelizards.
You see Project Reference Book, Useful Facts for Harpers, Harper Progress Board, Art Lesson Plans, Oldeara, and Staff Tackboard here.
Obvious exits:

Pippa strides in from the ballroom.

As late night hits Istan shores, the glows burn long and low in the Harper Hall main office. If one was to peek in the office at this particular point in time, one would observe a stack of graded hides to one side, a stack of ungraded hides to the other side, and in the middle? A blonde Harper Journeyman who seems to be giving her eyes a rest, smack down in the middle of the table. Could there be a little drool? Perhaps, its been a long day and it seems the poor woman has tuckered herself out trying to catch up on mid term examinations. There's also a mostly drained tankard of klah that's making a ring on the desk, and a plate full of crumbs, likely her dinner.

Peek indeed. It is a shadow that flashes past the doorway, and then the shadow seems to leeeeeeean back around to eye the light within. Perfect. A Harper. Sitting. Drooling, but that is definitely a harper no matter what is coming out of her mouth. Sure, not near as pretty as singing. "Harper ho!" The shadow forms into a person and in a few steps Pippa is drawing into the room, boot-heels clicking over the flooring. A hand reaches out and moves the klah mug over to the side to avoid knocking it over, and then comes the rustling noise that is sure to wake her up! You know, if her voice didn't manage it. Oh yes, the rustling comes from hides and charts being unceremoniously dropped upon the woman's desk -right between the graded and ungraded hides.

Snort, snerk, WHAT! Alesa's eyes flutter open and she immediately starts up in her chair, wiping her mouth and trying to fix her hair. But alas, she was probably spotted. Bleary eyes squint as she brings more glows closer to the new arrival. "Ah.." she says as she stands, offering a hand to shake Pippa's "Journeyman Alesa, at your service, goldrider." Yes, at least in the dim lighting, her rank knot is visible. Her eyes dart to the hides and charts on the desk below. "What can I help you with?"

Pippa is busily helping herself to rearranging the things upon Alesa's desk to accommodate what she has. Isn't that just so nice of her? A little pushing here and there and hopefully nothing fell to the floor. "Evenin', Harper," Pippa drawls, belatedly reaching up and tapping a finger to the corner of her lips just as bleary-eyed Alesa wipes at her own mouth. "Not interrupting, am I? You know, you kinda look like that cute little harper boy that was at your vault. Almost near to the same pose, but he is sure going to have a case of bedhair when he wakes up, it was all...." Long, tanned fingers waggle and twirl, but then her hands dash from side to side to clear the imagery. "I need your help with a couple of things." And now hides scrolls are brandished at her rather unceremoniously.

Alesa grins appreciatively at the rider who is trying to be helpful. "Ah, I appreciate it, Ma'am..I did not catch your name? Harper near the vault.." She thinks for a minute. "Koeseran, did he give you any trouble?" She frowns, is someone needing punishment? "No, not at all, it seems I spent too long on my nap and needed to wake up anyway. Yes...surely, you have some documents for me to look over, then?" She continues with the rearranging so she can take a closer look at what has been deposited. Meanwhile, a blue firelizard jumps up, perches on Alesa's shoulder and bites her ear gently, to which the harper starts up and rolls her eyes. "No, you know you're not to do that." She sighs.

"He couldn't. He was asleep," Pippa admits with a generous smile. "So I helped myself. Your records are set up almost exactly like the ones in the Weyr. As much as I fardling hate to admit it, I do pay attention to that shit." That last little bit is offered in a lowered voice as if imparting some grand secret that the rest of the world isn't clued in on. "Comes with the dragon. Sorry. Pippa, from the Weyr." And by 'Weyr', she rather assumes it is linked to the local one. "First I was over to the seahall, bending the ear of the oldies there and the seacrafters, about their ships, seein' what has sunk recently and-" Beat. Realization arrives in the woman's eyes, "Sorry, I think I should be explaining myself. We found this shipwreck off the Weyr, and trying to figure out where it came from. It sure isn't being kind in offering us up a name, so I'm trying to figure out what has gone and sunk out there. It's proving difficult. So I came over here to see what you all got."

"Ahh. Well, if he's assigned vault duty he shouldn't be sleeping at his post. I'll check up on it after we're done here." Alesa nods officiously. "Mm, well we also are keen on records and the like, so I see we have something in common then? Well met, Pippa. Rider of..Jeyth, is it? I have heard the name before. A shipwreck, you say?" She strokes her chin with her fingers, "It seems like I remember some of the apprentices complaining incessantly about their record-copying as of late. I think it was something about an inventory of some seacraft vessels carrying instruments and documents from Fort to here, things like that...could that be of use?"

Pippa doesn't exactly flush or anything, but the intent might be there. "Oh, I don't mean to get the lad into trouble or anything, but Faranth forbid if he were on duty to sea and was caught snoozing away." Pippa gives Alesa quite the meaningful glance before nodding her head, "Aye, Jeyth... who is attempting to chat up the watchweyr for some reason..." The young woman shakes her head, a wealth of dark hair falling out from under her riding jacket to drop over her shoulders. "Maybe... That might..." she ponders over Alesa's last words, "The Masters at the seacraft said that the last boat they lost off near the Weyr was a fishing trawler, and the dolphins know where that one ended up. They also lost one of the transport ferries following that hurricane awhile back, but this thing is way older -the wreck. So we scoured their records and couldn't find a damn thing, let alone a manifest that has shit like this." And without further ado, Pippa plucks out a very tarnished possibly silver goblet, half-crumpled with etchings that are nearly invisible following the wear and tear of the seas. Yes, it is set right there in the midst of Alesa's now chart and hide-covered desk.

Alesa raises an eyebrow, "Well, we like to run a 'tight ship' as they say around here. To keep a high standard for our apprentices so that when they are posted as Journeymen, they don't besmirch our craft's good name. So, rest assured," She scribbles out a note and attaches it to her firelizard who then winks between, "It'll be taken care of." And apparently, sooner than later because just outside the opened office door, one would hear some yelling by a a Master, cranky to be roused from his deep rest, and some whining and complaining from a much younger voice, then, multiple footsteps and all is silent again. "A fishing trawler, yes?" Her eyes widen as the goblet makes its appearence. "This..this is quite old..I think it'd fetch a pretty mark at a gather or something.." She holds out her hand, "May I give it a closer look?"

Pippa taps a finger to her nose at Alesa mentioning of a 'tight ship', that earning also quite the broad grin. She blinks after the disappearing firelizard, her smile returning and turning awfully wry, and deepening at the yelling. Okay, sure, that earns a chuckle. "Sure. You can look at it. I've managed to get three more from a couple of the other residents that found 'em. They look like they match. We've been getting all kinds of stuff on our beaches from it." Next, she'll brandish the less sexy, but still noteworthy, spork. "Dolphineers are working on picking out what hasn't ended up on our beaches for the past few days. There is more where that came from." And she uses her chin to gesture towards the goblet. "But yeah, you can tell it is pretty old. Hard to tell with it being in the ocean and all, but it's been in there at least a century or more."

Alesa is momentarily distracted and whips her head about towards the door, but then feels as if the matter has been 'taken care of' given she recognizes the voice of the Master in the hallway. So, she shoots a grin over at Pippa as if to say 'that's what I meant.' "Matching cutlery and dinnerware, eh? How interesting." She hrms and takes the goblet in her left hand, holding it up to glowlight to get as close as look as possible. "I think I know of a technique that might make those etchings clearer, might I put a hide scrap and a charcoal rub to this piece?" She reaches into the desk drawer to grab such a charcoal stick and (the scandal), rips off a piece of hide from one student's graded paper. Not really that important, they had made a failing grade anyway.

Pippa nods her head, "Go right on and do whatever. I haven't the others with me now. Got them and a bunch of other trinkets that I managed to bully some of the Weyr residents into handing over rusting away in a box that I was planning on sending to a smith to clean up 'n whatnot." Oh yes, she happily bullies when necessary. Rawr. Fear. Her eyes dart down to what Alesa is doing, interest obvious, "Rub?" Clearly this is something new to the goldrider, but she is clearly fascinated at this process. She'll be kicking herself for her stupidity after watching the simplicity of it. Just wait.

Alesa looks quite pleased, "Well then! Here, I'll explain what I'm doing then. Sometimes, if you cannot read an etching, all you need to do is cover it with a piece of hide, like so," She wraps the hide scrap around the part of the goblet which seems least damaged, "And rub a charcoal on it until the design appears. Its a little trick I learned from one of our archivists who works with antiquities that they find buried about the island sometimes." And sure enough, a pattern begins to appear on the hide, and the more rubbing Alesa does, the more strokes appear in spidery looking, almost ghostly text. Alesa holds up the scrap of hide to the glowlight, peering at it and trying to make out. "It looks like some words..lets see." She squints, "Crafed Gomarl f Lord Holder Gitrosel" She tries to fill in the blanks "Perhaps, Crafted by Gomarl for Lord Holder Gitrosel?" She rubs another part of the goblet, near the base and a few scrabblings seem to surface. "Seems like it says... 12T 7...no 9I?"

Pippa moves around to the side to watch the process, her eyes narrowing somewhat as she examines things, and then breaks out into a broader grin as all comes clear. "Oh, well that's clever." Her attention shifts down to the hide, squinting to try to pick things out as the woman reads them, "Git...? Maybe that's a Q... or an O or... fuck if I know." And then her attention moves to the numbers being spoken, "Hrm, that would put it... yeah. Yeah." A breath later and she continues, "Can I take that hide." She'll probably completely forget about the goblet at this point, "And poke at your kid at the archives and see what else we can hunt up?" But her other hand comes up, moving to try to stifle a yawn before Alesa and look down her gullet. "Or maybe tomorrow."

Alesa grins over at the goldrider, "Ah, thanks, it works well enough unless the artifact is too ginger and delicate to be rubbed that way. Then its a bit more difficult, I'm afraid. Yes, this is a very old piece of work, we're looking at almost ancient history beyond our lifetimes. How..exciting!" She looks a bit more awake now with all that's going on. "Of course, take the hide scrap.." But before she hands it over, she makes note in her ledger of the words they think they've found in case the hide scrap has something to happen to it. "Of course of course, it is late, I have some time tomorrow afternoon if you would like to meet again. If ye like, we can even pop over to the Mug and get a pint and discuss it further..I..don't get out much these days it seems." She offers a wry chuckle.

Pippa nods to what the woman says, only to break out into an even wider grin at the mention of the Mug. "'Bout the only thing that'll get me off of trying to find where this stuff came from is an offer of a drink," she drawls rather slowly and deliberately, and with quite the lupine grin. Flashing the woman a wink, she bobs her head, "Good place and time to discuss things." Far better than some musty and dusty and boring records area. Scrolls don't offer you nuts with your ale. "Thank you for your help, Harper." The hide scrap is tucked away, and now Pippa will be grabbing up all of her scrolls and charts and whatever excess of things she has managed to burden herself with. Who even knows what all of it is, or if any has any importance whatsoever (and, you know, if any came out of the Harper's records room *shifty-eye*). "Thank you." And the young woman will head back for the door.

Alesa nods and grins over at Pippa, in turn. "Its a deal then. You, me, a pint and some good conversation about dusty old relics." She eyes the records that have been strewn all over the table, adding, "And, if you please, leave any records you wish to be copied with me and you shall have your own copy by the morrow when you come back, which will allow us to keep our originals safe." Ah yes, she did notice that some might have been lifted, but she's really polite, y'see.

Pippa bobbles her head on the way out. Oh yeah, best to do as the Harper says! Last thing she wants is to get lampooned in a song about her pilfering!
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