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Harper Craft of Harper's Tale MOO
Harper Craft Logs
Jueann's Retirement Party 
15th-Oct-2005 11:32 pm
IC Date: Evening, 16th day of autumn, 46th Turn, 10th Pass
Players: Aylara, Eilea, Erikkhan, Dale, Dashvard, Falada, G'deon, I'anex, Jueann, Liesana, Mailli, Majori, N'ano, Relyssa, Shayla, Sharassi, Ylisa
Location: Ballroom
Summary: Master Jueann retires, with appropriate celebrations, gifts and expressions of gratitude.

The ballroom is at its best today: everything that can be polished has been, and there are many vases of flowers. A group of musicians are playing at one side of the room: pleasant background music to create a convivial atmosphere without attracting too much attention. There's a banner on the wall that reads, "Wishing you a happy retirement."

Dressed in her best blue sisal is Liesana, bright of eye and cheek, and with the general appearance of one whom married life is very much agreeing with. While Dashvard's managed to dodge a social function with the handy excuse of chasing miscreants that may or may not be fictional, Liesana hasn't been so fortunate, and is so making her way through the throng with a wineglass full of fruit juice in one hand, and some seriously determined socializing. "Hullo there, Weyrleader G'deon," she greets. "How are the High Reaches?"

Mailli is standing fairly close to the doors. Not that she doesn't want to be here as a representative of her craft. No, quite the contrary, it's just that crowds have always made Mailli feel uncomfortable. A wave is given to those she knows, and a nod to those she doesn't.

The headwoman is hovering in the vicinity of a row of tables where an extensive buffet has been set out. Cold sliced meats, salads, steamed grains, assorted pies - you name it, it's there. There's also a table with drinks, red wine, white wine, and various juices. Majori's busy directing some apprentices who have been pressed into service with trays and are circulating, offering refreshment to the arriving guests.

G'deon, a little early for this shindig, has already managed to drain half the wine in his glass as he waits a short distance from the musicians, just trying to blend in with scenery. Alas, blending in is not his strong suite. "Craftsecond Liesana!" he replies enthusiastically, giving the Harper a wide, trademark smile. "Oh, we've been doing well, thank you. Always something new. We don't have nearly the music, though," he adds, gesturing slightly to the group nearby before lifting his glass. "To decent music!"

N'ano is here, yes, but his date isn't. Chicks. Always too busy making sure they're looking fine. She's nearby, however, just fixing up her hair in a looking glass. Every now and then, the 'rider glances back in search for her, but eventually, he steps into the array of party goers, searching for familiar faces for the time being.

Jueann walks looking a bit worse for wear. She's been busy packing, sorting, etc. Muttering to herself, she walks down the stairs. She sighs, adjusting her glasses, "What is going on here?" she asks, forgetting what day it is. "What day is it?"

Ylisa is directing the musicians. At the sound of G'deon's toast, she turns and nods an acknowledgement. That means she's looking in the right direction to spot Jueann's entry, and she turns back to signal to the ensemble. They swing smoothly into an impressive and stately piece that can only be intended to mark a formal moment - such as the arrival of the guest of honour, perhaps!

Falada stands near the banister, sketch pad in hand, pencil poised to capture the night's events. She looks a bit uncomfortable with the growing crowd, but applauds softly as Jueann, the guest of honor, enters.

"Perhaps I'll see about having a performance specialist sent to you," Liesana offers in light reply, joining in the impromptu toast and taking a large sip of her juice to conclude it. "Assuming that Fort doesn't decide it's their turn to exile someone to the snows-- er, appoint a posting to High Reaches." By her wink, the verbal misstep is quite intentional, but well-intended all the same. "I believe there will be dacing later, if you've a tickle in your feet. But ah, there's the lady of the hour."

"It hasn't snowed /yet/," G'deon replies, eyes twinkling as he takes a sip, obviously just /so/ put off by the tease. Really. He sets down his glass for a moment to applaud at Jueann's entrance, then gives Liesanna another smile, if a bit more on the crooked side. "I am /always/ up for a dance."

Mailli perks up as Jueann enters. She'll stay long enough to tell Master Utoxin she did indeed attend, then slip out quietly to have a nervous break-down. Crowds are not her scene.

Shayla does a little run-scoot to catch up to N'ano, still touching and primping her hair even as she sneaks up and grabs his hand. "Sorry about that." But she's not really. Her dress is the next to be looked over, brushing it off a bit, making sure there are no wrinkles. As soon as she's sure that she's looking as good as she can be, eyes looking around to see who all is here. "I don't think I know anyone," is whispered to N'ano, meaning that he can expect her to be by his side the whole night.

Stepping off the last step, Jue, the absent-minded Craftmaster, notices the banner. "oh... OH! That's right!" The music startles her, adjusting her glasses. "Ohhh my," she blushes, she too isn't much about crowds, prefering her books and teaching.

Majori picks up a tray and heads for the Crafthead. Smiling, she offers, "Would you like a drink, Master Jueann? The red's excellent. So's the white, for that matter - we can't let down the harper reputation for good wine, after all. Especially today!"

"Wooooah, hey hon," N'ano grins, giving Shayla a once-over as she -finally- joins him. "Lookin' good. And you don't need to know anyone. I know a lot so I can introduce you." Eyes then scan the crowd looking for anyone currently of familiarity and not engaged in conversation already. He does lead the way to Jueann at that point, tossing up a hand in hopes of catching her attention. "There's Jueann. Surely you know her, yeah?"

"Then look for me once I've done the duty and pleasure of giving Jueann my regards," Liesana twinkles at G'deon. "Dashvard's an excellent dancer, but despises crowds, and it's rare for the twain not to meet... although I admit I'm not entirely sure of the forms they've set up for this particular shindig," she confesses. "I believe Master Ylisa and Headwoman Majori have been closeted a good deal to plan it, but I've just come back from a trip over to the mainland. Bramero of Nabol's gotten into yet another trade dispute with his neighbours again."

"Thanks," comes her beaming reply, even if she does have another opinion of how she looks. Women are never satisfied, even if she /did/ spend the whole day primping. Shayla licks her lips and her teeth, preparing herself to be doing a lot of smiling. Must make a good impression, after all. "Um, yeah. Yeah, I do." Or she doesn't. Old age is starting to get to her. The mind is the first to go, after all.

Falada's pencil is already hard at work, the first page of her pad flipped over, indicating one finished page. She remains by the banister to observe, out of the traffic but with a good view of the room.

Jueann sighs, giving Majori a slight smile, "Why thank you. White please. Although, I would rather have a bit of Gar cider. Gotta keep Natch happy you know."

"You can count on it," G'deon assures Liesana with a mock-formal bow before he turns to face the majority of the crowd. Just totally blending. Really. "Well, it's rather impressive so far," the weyrleader adds after a moment, nodding thoughtfully. "I'm happy I was able to get away for it. And when is Nabol /not/ in a dispute with neighbors?"

Journeyman Jeranium bustles up towards the musicians and stands right behind Ylisa, tweaking fussily at his rather splendid formal tunic and generally being distracting. The musicians have finished the triumphal entry and are now on something rather soothing. Ylisa takes a second to turn and murmur, "One more to go in this set, then you're on," to the journeyman.

"On second thought," N'ano stops, giving another glance around, but for something else, "We should hit up the food first. Shardin' /starving/. Didn't get to eat before coming here since I had to rush to bathe and change after sweeps. "Want some wine or cider or something? You thirsty Shay?" he asks, dropping her hand if only to prepare himself to head over to the vintages being offered.

Mailli makes her silent way towards the doors. She's not comfortable, and the larger the crowd becomes... The less so she becomes.

"When it's busy disputing with the Weyr over how much it's tithing?" Liesana answers the rhetorical question with a wry and knowing amusement, legist to leader. "If I were the sort, I'd almost be tempted to plot Bramero's mysterious demise, except that his sons are no better. Do you suppose it's some sort of inherited condition?"

Majori starts turning the tray to present Jueann with the white wine, but stops. "Cider? We can do that." An apprentice is swiftly dispatched, though he seems to be ducking behind the serving table to get what he wants. When he returns with a glass mug of amber liquid, Majori smiles and tells Jueann, "We didn't manage to get hold of too much, but you certainly get first call on it!"

"Oh. Yeah, sure. Some wine, please. Doesn't matter what kind. You pick." Before he drops her hand, Shayla gives it a squeeze. "Thanks, sweetie." Which just means that she's going to be left there to fend for herself while he's gone. Hands then once again go up to make sure that her hair is still in place, looking nervously around.

G'deon laughs softly and shakes his head before taking another slow sip of wine, eyes closing a very brief moment as he savors the drink. Ah, and the truth comes out! He only comes to shindigs with excellent vino. "All too true," the weyrleader finally states, winking at Wyn. "I would guess it's a behavioral dysfunction learned from the cradle onward. But moving on, we should probably pay our respects to Master Jueann before the hopeful 'heirs' wisk her away." Because that's just how it works.

Jueann smiles at Majori, "Well, whatever. White is good for now." She takes a glass of white. Noticing for the first time, "What are all these people doing here? Surely not to see me Retire? Ohh gracious."

The apprentice thrusts the mug in front of Jueann with more goodwill than grace. "Here y'are, ma'am. Gar's best!" Majori winces as the liquid swishes dangerously in the mug, but nothing is spilled.

Eyes are drawn towards to the retiring craftmaster, then wander back to the doors. Duty ditctates she should at least give Craftmaster Jueann her respects, and those of her craft. But the crowd has her feeling more than just a little clausterphobic.

N'ano isn't gone for two long. He's returned to Shayla's side, offering her a glass of red while he keeps one for himself, offering it up for a slight toast while his other hand works to slink around the woman's back, almost in a possessive manner. "On the plus side, you're younger than half the folks here. And they certainly don't look their age," he tells her in a hushed tone, and not without a wink. "So feel grateful."

"Note how I'm staying well away from the throng," Liesana offers dryly. "They had to corner me at a formal dinner to make me Crafthead's Second, there's no way in all of frozen -between- I want Crafthead. Unless they appoint a talking runnerbeast," she does offer a caveat. Dratted 'good of the craft' morals. "I'll make a brief duty now, but I'll see if I can't speak to her more privately later. One for show, one for meaning."

Falada seems oblivious to the conversations going on around her, or at least declining for the moment to join in on any of them. She does pause her work long enough to cast smiles at the ones she knows: Liesana, Ylisa, and of course Jueann, among others, when they look her way.

"Now /there's/ an idea for Nabol," G'deon says, sounding much too amused as he points to Liesana with his wine glass. Perhaps it isn't his first glass. Or maybe he's just having fun. Hard to tell with Gid. "Best talk to her now before things really get going," he adds, nodding with his head in the retiring master's direction and offering his free arm to Liesana with a quick, blue-eyed wink.

Shayla raises her glass in toast to him as well, glancing around as she takes a sip. However, her comment causes her to chuckle, which isn't good considering that she was mid-swallow. She's alright, though, coughing only for a little bit before it turns into the laughter it was meant to be. "Thanks for reminding of me how old I am. I actually thought I was looking /young/ today and feeling it as well before you had to go and say that." Good job N'ano.

There's a brief lull in the music as some of the musicians are changed for others. Everyone wants to take a turn at this special event! Ylisa surrenders her baton to Jeranium, who brings the players in again with a showy gesture. The sounds of a quick, light waltz-tune fill the room.

Mailli finally seems to peel herself away from the spot by the door and makes her way towards G'deon and Liesana. Sharding wonderful that of all the ranking members of Dolphincraft, she's the one gets picked to come to this party.

Taking the Cider and handing off the glass of White, Jue starts to make her rounds, heading first to Lies and Dash. Ahh! Young love. how long have they been married? Noting also, Riders, here? Hmm? Sipping on her cider, she avoids a pair of dancers. "Lies! Just the person..."

"Hey, no problem," N'ano laughs lightly, only now taking a sip from his own glass to spare a good colored spray elsewhere. "Music's good, huh?" he asks Shayla idly, chin-nodding towards the harpers before tugging her in a bit closer towards them. Just a little. Eyes then scan the hall once again but briefly before coming to focus on Shayla again, "Enjoying yourself yet?" Yes, that was a sarcastic tone.

Taking the Cider and handing off the glass of White, Jue starts to make her rounds, heading first to Lies and Gids. Ahh-hah! Hmm, shouldn't she be with Dash? Noting also, Riders, here? Hmm? Sipping on her cider, she avoids a pair of dancers. "Lies! Just the person..."

Ylisa makes her way across the room, pausing to snag a glass of white wine from the tray of a passing apprentice before heading over to where Falada is drawing. She smiles at the artist. "I'm glad we got a good turnout."

"Mmm," is Shay's response to his question, only because he caught her mid-swallow again. But once it's down, she's able to reply properly. "Yes, it's very good." She tucks her own arm behind his back as he pulls her, giving him a little squeeze. "I suppose. I just wish I knew more people. I guess this just goes to show that I don't get out much, hmm? Time away from the infirmary and kids will do me good, I think."

Aylara walks around, wine glass in hand and a light in her eyes that hadn't been there for years. She'd made her dress for the occassion. Her dress was a floorlength confexction of beaty. Made of tanned and sun bleached wherhide, it was white as snow and embroiderred with gold and bronze firelizards in flight. The hems, skirt, neckline and wrists were lined in snow white fir dyed blue on the ends. She's picked a necklace and braceletts of shell to accompany the outfit. She has her hair upswept and it spills in a waterfall of amber gold curls on her shoulders....quite the vision in white she is...

Falada pauses and looks up with an expression of momentary confusion. Then, as if really seeing the crowd for the first time (despite the depictions of which that litter her paper) she smiles and nods. "It's always good to see a good leader appreciated. I'll miss her. She's been Master for nearly as long - if not as long - as I've been a Harper at all." She eyes the glass of wine, again as if just now noticing it, and looks about for another server.

Mailli stops dead in her tracks and seems completely unable to move. Mailli just does not like crowds. Unfortunately, she's never learned to mask the discomfort such situations cause in her. Mailli tries to say hello to Liesana, but only manages a squeak once she's close enough to talk.

The humblest of servants is Erikkhan as he dashes around, serving drinks to those who request them. It's work, but he picks up gossip and interesting information as he goes. What an exciting affair. A few times he caught himself singing to the lyrics in a song, or standing in awe as he watched the harpers play. Well...back to work, he'd tell himself and dash off.

"Hullo, Jue," Liesana greets, wineglass still threaded through the fingers of her left hand, but her right offered over in a warm clasp. "You're looking well this evening," she offers. "I've just been keeping up Craft/Weyr relations with Weyrleader G'deon here, who's yearning for someone who can play good music for High Reaches. And I'm entirely too jealous of you, getting to miss presiding over the brangling sure to result amongst the journeyman at the chance for a posting!"

"You don't get out at all," N'ano notes, rolling his eyes a bit but grinning nonetheless. "I think we've had this conversation at some point before. Actually, I'm pretty sure," he laughs again, giving Shayla a quick squeeze. Catching Falada's words behind him, N'ano can't help but comment himself, but to Shayla, "It's really amazing what Jueann's done over the past turns. She's been Master now for longer than I can even remember. It'll really be difficult to fill her shoes. Kudos to whoever is chosen."

Majori starts to circulate, with a word for this visitor or that and a beady eye on every apprentice that she encounters. They're behaving remarkably well, as it happens. She's gradually working her way towards Liesana and G'deon, but pauses to offer her tray to Mailli. "The red's a Benden, Senior Journeyman. And a very pleasant Tillek white."

Eilea enters the ballroom, recoiling a little at the noise at first. She takes a deep breath and searches the room for someone familiar, like that would do her any good. She walks further in, jumping if someone happens to brush up against her or speak to her. She'd not been to a social event of any kind since she was young and she's finding the experience a bit...er...nerve racking. Finally, she does spot Relyssa and bee lines it for the girl.

Jueann blinking, hmm... She nods to G'deon, smiling slightly, "Evenin' Weyrleader." Turning to Lies, "Brangling? And where's . . .uhh.. oh my. . . Oh right. . . Bash. . ." Jue getting more and more absent-minded.

G'deon gives Liesana an amused sort of smirk before he bows slightly to the retiree. "A pleasure, Master Jueanna," says the weyrleader, lifting his glass a bit. Mailli gets a nod as well as the journeyman pauses nearby. "Quite the party!" adds the rider somewhat loudly during the peak of the crowd's conversation level.

Mailli nods absently as she reaches out and picks up the Tillek white, "Thank-you," she offers and takes a sip. She stays where she is for the time, and she'll llikely be leaving soonish.

Sharrasi slips in quietly thanking her greenrider lift to the party... She heads over to the food tables.

For one normally so.. social, Relyssa has been oddly quiet throughout the entire party. She hasn't done any mingling, per se, more like... blending. So she won't be noticed? Perhaps. But it is somewhat difficult to hide, when one is cursed with such a vibrant shade of haircolor. Fortunately, she's shorter than most of the people in the crowd. Turning, the girl notices Eilea walking towards her and smiles, figdeting somewhat with the glass of red wine that she doesn't seem to have even sipped since receiving it.

Dashvard clomps in, fresh from the great outdoors, dress uniform well and truly broken in: drying mud splattered engagingly across the black trous and boots, a fresh splash of blood - the spray of a knife-scoring - across the sleek fabric of one sleeve. His hair is wind-ruffled, though his beard remains kempt. One slim-fingered hand leaning oh-so-idly on the hilt the dress-sword at his belt, the guard captain seems in quite the chipper mood considering the mess he's made of himself as his sloe-black eyes scan the party.

Ylisa nods. "And Crafthead here since just after I joined. She interviewed me." With a chuckle, she adds, "I was terrified of her for months after that! I thought she was really aggressive and out to get the would-be harper. Funny how wrong you can be about people! Oh, excuse me! I just need to have a word with Lies." She skirts the room swiftly, then darts into the Harper Office, emerging a few seconds later with a package. Making her way over to Liesana, she smiles and holds it out. "Maybe this would be a good moment?"

Aylara almost dances through the crowd, smiling and curtsying here and there. Having a wonderful time she is, but the one face she wants to see....is not present. Slowly her spirits sink, but only just a little. She sips happily at the glass of Benden she'd recieved and smiles on, what a grand reception!

Mailli takes another sip and finally manages a, "Good evening, Liesana, Weyrleader," but her voice is choked back into a squeak as she tries to include Jueann in her greeting.

Erikkhan swirves over to Master Ylisa a smile on his face and offers up the drinks on his tray. Gee, everyone seemed to be thirsty tonight.....really thristy. But that's okay with him because it keeps him busy. Though, somewhere in the back of his head, he wishes he could join in. But orders were orders, and he'd follow his until death!

Eilea bounces up to Relyssa, giving her a grand hug. She was so glad that she'd found someone she knew! "Have I missed anything?" She asked in a loud retort, having to raise her quiet voice above the noise to be heard. She lets her eyes wander around and she notes the mixes of riders and people and has to smile, the person celebrated tonight must have been well loved.

"Well maybe I'll just have to go out more from now on. Or have you /take/ me out," Shayla reples, winking at him before her glass is lifted to her lips, taking a long sip as she once again looks to see if she can spot familiar faces.

Sharrasi nibbles at the meats on her plate and she looks around and happens to grab some cup of some sort of wine that go with the meats she's placed on her dish as well as some artishly decorative stuff...

Falada nods at Ylisa's departing back, then sighs and returns to her observations, sidling up the stairs a few steps for a better view. She raises her hand to flag down a server and asks if he's got any of the Tillek white she heard mentioned.

"Dashvard," Liesana oh-so-gently emphasizes to Jueann, "Was planning to attend, but was drawn away by the demands of his position, unfortunately. If they catch the miscreant quickly, we may see..." And here Liesana turns and catches the arrival of her best-beloved, spray of drying blood and all. "Him." she finishes, looking uncommonly pale for someone normally unfussed by life's more unpleasant oozings. Swallowing hard, and with one hand pressed flat against her stomach, it's with relief and a wan smile that she turns to Ylisa. "Yes, yes... excellent timing. Shall I go hop up a few stairs to get some altitude?"

Majori smiles at Erikkhan as he arrives at the same group of people she's serving. "That's the spirit, Erikkhan. Keep up the good work!" The headwoman glances round, then nods in the direction of N'ano. "That's the Istan Weyrleader. Make sure his glass is full, will you, and his partner's?"

Jueann turns and blinks and almost faints. She doesn't like blood in all its forms. "Ohhh... my. . . "

Ylisa's glass is still fairly full, so she tells Erikkhan, "I'm all right, thanks, then smiles at Liesana. "Good idea - oh." Looks like she just noticed Dashvard.

G'deon chuckles slightly as he follows Liesana's gaze. "All in one piece. I wonder how well the other man fared," muses the rider before bowing slightly to the women. "I'll mingle. It's been a pleasure meeting you all." He then heads off towards the next familiar faces, in the forms of N'ano and Shayla. So it's been a while... "You've come up in the world, I see," he teases the fellow bronze rider as he starts to draw near. "Managed to get a lovely lady to stay by your side. I am impressed, Weyrsecond," he continues before offering one of his more charming smiles to Shayla. "Weyrhealer."

"Yes ma'am!" Erikkhan quotes and dashes over to N'ano and his partner. "Drinkis sir?" He asks confidently and smiles, he's met so many riders this evening. What an adrenaline rush! He loves this kind of work. He smiles his best and stays rooted until the weyrleader decides to answer.

Dashvard, on the other hand, seems quite chipper as smooth strides, winding through the crowd, carry him through the room - mute nods here and there, a half-smile offered, but attention is fixed on its target. "We got him!" is ventured, professional pride with a boyish grin a touch too young for the dignity of rank, perhaps. Fine dark brows arch. "You all right?" Other people are, for the moment, ignored. Priority first, the wife.

Relyssa shakes her head, smiling somewhat. "Nothing that I'm aware of. I've only been here so long." She pauses to glance over the crowd. "What a grand party." The girl slyly presses her wineglass into the other's hands. "Here, you simply must taste this wine." Would Eilea drink it? Did she even drink at all? Well why not find out? She waits somewhat expectantly, her fiery head canted ever-so-slightly to her left. Tonight Relyssa seems to have managed to make her hair behave, as it's been bound in one long plait, then looped several times to form a mass of braided loops on the back of her head that seem to blaze blood-red when captured in proper light. A few strands escape to curl behind her ears and against her forehead. One slender hand reaches out to squeeze Eilea's elbow lightly as cerulean eyes seem to sparkle almost mischievously. "I never imagined that I would see you here. But I'm glad you came!"

Falada suddenly stops sketching as she realizes that her eyes are following the blood-staied guard. Probably not a part of the soiree that she really wants to record visually. She pulls out a bit of gum resin and rubs it back off the paper. No sense in wasting. She gazes about for a more pleasant subject as she sips her wine.

"Well, I offered to take you out 'fore. Weren't we supposed to do that once a sevenday? Guess that plan kinda went down the hole, huh?" N'ano shrugs, grinning nonetheless. Eyes are then turned upon the 'reachian, to whom he renders a salute-type toast with his glass, "Aye. Actually, she's been by my side for what--ten turns now?" he asks of said woman, turning a quick glance upon her. "On the side. Up front. Y'know," he adds, stifling a forced cough before winking at the other man. "Shayla, this is G'deon, Weyrleader of High Reaches. G'deon, this is Shayla, Weyrhealer of Ista and my lovely weyrmate," he introduces right before being interrupted by Erikkan. But it's a good one, nonetheless, "Oh, sure. Thanks. Uh--Red? Or white? Shay, what do you want? Well, I'll take Red." Hopefully she'll answer for herself since N'ano's moving on. "So what've you been up to? How're those uh--llamas treatin' you?" Er. Now -there's- some casual conversation.

Sharrasi sips her wine quietly and mingles with some of the other harper types she knows...

"Really? Good, er, sir -- I'm glad that the landing was /almost/ to your qualifications," I'anex notes to the little grey haired man he's acting escort to as the walk in -- the latter all in well-cut tunic and pants, while I'anex merely wears nicer leathers. "Oh, I'm picky in my old age," says the old fellow. "Have to understand, I've landed many landings dragonback -- oh, there's Gyrana. Don't leave without me, son? I'll be very cross." And he walks off, leaving I'anex to quickly moth around the walls and take a watching position.

The sight of blood has always been the one thing this harper has never been able to deal with. Jue nods, still quite pale, "Uhh.. oh my. . ." Appealing to those around her for help, seeing the weyrleaders, "Ohh hello. . . ."

Eilea chuckles nervously. "I did not want to, but I'm never going to be more assertive and sociable if I don't mingle." A hint f brave determination crosses the girl's face as she speaks, she didn't want to be meak and shy anymore. But, on an entirely different subject, Eilea diligently takes a sip of the wine and chokes at first, but then swallows the smooth liquor with relish. "That tastes delightful!" Eilea explains, never having had wine afore.

"The llamas are restless," G'deon answers, his voice carrying a teasing hint of covert information as he arches a brow at the two Istans. "And it's a pleasure, Weyrhealer Shayla," he adds, lifting his own glass of deep red wine.

Always nice to be charmed, that's for sure. "Yes, ten turns." No comment of what's happened in those ten turns, though. Shayla is all smiles, from ear to ear as she's introduced to the rider, inclining her head and lifting her glass to him as well. "Well met, G'deon." But then, yes, the wine interupts them, and she has to think over her decision. "I'll have red as well, please."

Having tried twice to speak, Mailli decides it best to not say anything at all. Silence is better than being accused of trying to sound like a dolphin. The wine is sipped once more, then set aside as the dolphineer makes her way back towards the doors. Now would likely be a good time to leave.

Aylara is grace on wings as she flats about the reception. When she spots N'ano she smiles and won ders if he ever got his son anything presentable for his turn day. She chuckles to herself, and wonders, if he'd taken one of the statuettes she'd offered. Ahh...well, no sense in thinking about trader buisness here, she was here to have fun and she'd do it if it took every ounce of her strength. Dilegently, she sweeps by the Istan Weyrleader and takes a glass of the Benden White off of the harper apprentices tray. Ahh, wine, such a perfect friend....

"That... you did, love," Liesana agrees in a murmur, pleased for his accomplishment, but oh, that's a funny twisty feeling her stomach is making at the sight of his sleeve. "And you also got him -on- you." Cue a vague little flutter of her fingers at Dashvard's sleeve, before she leans in to peck him on the cleaner of his cheeks and allow that "I think I'll be retiring for the night after I take care of my official duties here."

A delighted giggle escapes Relyssa, much to her chagrin. "Your foster mother would positively /flay/ me if I sent you back to the Weyr drunk!" Not that she intends to do this; it's simply the visual that she deems so amusing. But still, she wonders that a drunk Eilea wouldn't be a slightly more... socially comfortable Eilea. No, Relyssa isn't quite that devious. She's probably already started something she shouldn't have, just giving the older girl wine in the first place. Replacing the surrendered glass with a newly captured one, the redhead takes a sip. Mm.. better than she remembers it being.

Falada waves to Dale from the steps when she sees him enter. The smith gets an inviting smile from her, offering a bit of conversation when he's made his appearance to Jueann.

Mailli walks with slow and deliberate steps to the Great Hall.

"As I expected them to be. I should see 'bout gettin' some of that wool. It's good stuffing for 'em stuffies who lose their heads or limbs and need to be patched back together." Or something like that. "Harper," N'ano then says, inclining a look towards Jueann as she approaches. "Everything alright?" he can't help but ask as he cants his head at her, a brow raising as well in concern and question.

"Oh, that. Ping's new recruit, Kamaya? Messy with the throwing knife," Dashvard is dismissive. "She'll improve, she's a good kid. And our man will live." He answers the kiss with one of his own to her cheek, tickling goatee's brush over her skin, and he adds, "I'll leave with you, then, of course." Be at a party without her? Like -- full of people? Ergh. No thanks. He glances critically down at his sleeve, attention caught by the dark mud clinging to his pants as his gaze slides past, and he grins sheepishly. "And change."

I'anex's time on the wall is brief indeed -- within moments of initial eye flickers over the hall in general, he's moving among the crowds with measured steps -- taking no particular care to hide the bruise under his eye with the full knowledge such coyness only makes inevitable casualties to a weyrling's looks more noticeable. (Besides, confidence!) Hmm hmm . . .

Dale enters slowly dressed in formal attire for this special occasion. The smith waves to a few of the other Masters present and scans the crowd for Jueann. After he notices her he does start to head her way offering a long bow once he is in her close presence, "Master Jueann it is a shame to see you go. The Harpers will have suffered a great loss. You are a great leader and a loyal friend."

Jueann isn't trying to ignore anyone. It's been a long day. Cleaning out turns of one's life can do that to a person. "I'm fine. Just the remembering Evan for some reason." She smiles at N'ano. "And how's the weyr? And. . . who were those lovely girls of your's again? I can't seem to recall. . .They wrote me the cutest story, if I remember."

Ylisa is still hovering at a short distance from Liesana. She's got a package in the crook of one arm and a glass in her other hand, so she isn't looking likely to do much circulating just yet, though she's keeping an eye on the musicians. In particular, she's keeping an eye on Jeranium, who is conducting with much showy and unnecessary arm-waving.

Shayla jumps at the chance to answer for N'ano, if only because she doesn't want to be the pretty arm candy who says nothing but sips at her wine. "Naela and Corona, wasn't it? Though, I do believe that Corona wrote it since Nae was too young to write at the time." But since she doesn't exactly want to take over the entire conversation, Shay shuts up then, happy to drink her wine yet again.

G'deon is about to say something to Jueann again as Dale interrupts the sporadic conversation. "Craftmaster," he offers the smith with a nod of the head.

Eilea blushes. "My foster mother need not know what i've been up to. I'm twenty two turns old and plenty old enough to make my own decisions." She states, taking another sip of the wine. Ahh...sucha lovely taste. Her eyes flit around the room, her lips smiling. "My, there are soo many people here tonight. It's a wonder I've stayed."

Sharrasi sips at her wine and looks around as though watching for a friend of hers to appear, but seeing as he doesn't she sighs and then goes back to talking with a Herder that showed up for the party as well.

Dale turns and smiles to G'deon looking down a little. When he returns the nod and smile to G'deon his eyes are starting to turn a little red. Dale extends his right hand slowly, offering it to the rider, "How are you WeyrLeader?"

"They Weyr's fairing well. As well as can be expected." At the mention of the youngens, N'ano can't help but grin widely, until he realizes that he can't remember who, by the look on his face. "Naela? I think? And Corona? I'm pretty sure it was them." And since Shayla confirms that at about the same time that N'ano speaks for himself, he just nods, "Thanks sweetie," he chuckles, shrugging a bit before offering a bow of his head towards the Smith, "'evening, Smith."

Aylara sighs and leans up to the wall, intending to be a bit of a wall flower for now. Not that anyone would socialize with her anyways, she'd /had/ to approach others tonight. It slightly amazed her that she's had to do so, usually people have no problem socializing with her....none at all. She's a bit hurt in the pride department for the lack of attention, but she'll survive.

Liesana gives Ylisa a little nod, lets her hand rest on Dashvard's *non* bloodied arm for a moment, and then heads off and away to climb up a few steps on the curved staircase, handing off her wineglass of juice to a passing tray and the serving staff it's attached to. She takes a moment to survey the crowd, and gather herself and force the pale and clammy feeling away, then clears her throat, loudly enough to get attention. "A very good evening to all of you, and I promise to shush myself before you're tempted to break out the rotting fruit, but if I can have everyone's attention, please. We're all gathered here to celebrate a remarkable woman, and, as I am a Harper and verbose as a result, I'd like to say a few words."

Jueann apologizes if she's missing poses. Blinking, she turns to Dale, "Ohhh.. Is Evan with you?" A quyick nod to Lies and Dash as they head out.

G'deon takes Dale's offered hand with a quick smile and nods once during the quick handshake. "Oh, just fine, Master Dale. Yourself? Is that conclave still on for later this sevenday?" the weyrleader continues chattily.

Relyssa would applaud if only one hand wasn't occupied with her wineglass. Even so, she takes on a very serious look and nods to her companion. "Well said." She makes a mock toast and takes another drink of the wine before grinning. "I have you drinking wine, now I must find a man for you to dance with!" This is said teasingly; Relyssa will do no such thing. But it's always fun to tease a friend, after all. Cerulean eyes skip about the room, noting a few faces she recognises, G'deon's among them. However, most of these people she's never seen before in her life.

I'anex swiftly ceases his crowd wandering to plant feet apart and turn his attention to Liesana. Momentarily. His eyes quickly lose purchase to try and pinpoint his, ah, charge -- but this proves impossible in the crowd. Thus, does his attention return. One /should/ learn something of Harper Hall while one is here.

Even Jeranium yields before the power of Liesana's voice! Besides, it's a good opportunity to grab a glass of wine. The music comes to a relatively neat, if premature, conclusion.

Dashvard is quiet and listening, his stance a vague imitation of guardly at-ease - although all things considered, this should not come as a shock.

Falada ducks down to a squat as Liesana mounts the stairs to speak, so as not to block anyone's view of her. She turns her pencil to a depiction of her former mentor as she listens.

Sharrasi goes quiet when she hears the harper say she'd like to say a few words, and smiles from where she is in the corner of the room

G'deon cuts off his short conversation with old acquaintances to turn towards Liesana.

"Yes for my Masters it is tomorrow actually. I am going to find some way to get them in solitude so we can discuss the state of the Smiths. I fear that my time as MasterSmith may be drawing to a near but I want what is best for my craft. You can expect a conclave for all leaders to be in the coming sevenday of course. I will want a swift transition if it comes to that." He moves closer and gives G'deon a firm pat on the shoulder, "You have been a great friend." Dale nods a little a small tear or two forming in his eyes. He looks back to Jueann and shakes his head, "Not with me no. I am sure the Master will find his way here even if I had to talk the WatchRider into giving him a lift." As Liesana attempts to bring together the crowd he notices Falada and offers her a little wave and a smile.

Jueann blinks and realizes Lies and Dash weren't leaving. Huh?

Eilea flushes vividly and nods, willing to take to her friend's administrations to make her a more sociable person. Though in the back of her mind, the thought of dancing terrified her. Oh, she knew how to dance, but dancing with a man.....quite the step up for her.

N'ano too, turns to face Liesana, anticipating her speech, but not without taking a few sips from his glass in the meantime, being sure to save enough for a toast, should it be beckoned.

Ylisa nibbles at her upper lip. Her eyes are on Jueann rather than Liesana.

"Thank you, and I do promise to be brief," Liesana reiterates, a twinkle coming to her eyes to replace the wan quality as she settles into the focus and poise of a master harper acting the part. "But we are all gathered here tonight to celebrate the legacy of one who has laid down turns of her life for our Hall, Master Jueann of the Harpers. I've been at the hall for a quarter century myself, now, and Jueann has been one constant variable through all of this. An entire generation of Harpers are indebted to her, her wisdom, her patience, and her talent as a teacher. She has weathered the Hall through disaster, death and all sorts of dramatics, and she has done so well. I would like to thank you, Jueann, for your time and your dedication, and although you may be retiring, know that your counsel will always be welcomed here." A short speech, but delivered with a court law specialist's flair for intonation, Liesana pauses a moment to let the audiance digest, and then notes that "I believe that Master Ylisa has something to present to you, Jue."

Jueann blinks and blushes deeply, lowering her eyes to look into her glass. She hasn't weather all of her past well, but it's nice someone thinks so.

Shayla turns with N'ano, muttering something in his ear as she does so. Once they are turned and facing Liesana, rests her head upon his shoulder, wine glass held carefully off to the side. Lips curl upwards into a smile at the woman's kind words, eyes flicking around to watch everyone else's reaction.

Sharrasi smiles

Falada sniffs and turns glistening eyes towards Jueann now, her pencil never ceasing to move though she doesn't ever seem to look at her page. She pauses only when her adept fingers feel the change in the drag of her pencil as the point wears. She quickly replaces it with a sharp one from her pouch and continues.

Aylara walks up the curving staircase to the balcony hallway.

Ylisa thrusts her wineglass into the hand of - well, she doesn't really notice who - and steps forward, holding a package in both hands. It's a rather awkward shape, with a bulge at the top, and it's wrapped in harper-blue paper and tied with a darker blue ribbon. Projecting her voice, despite the catch in it, she says, "Yes indeed. Master Jueann, we're going to miss your leadership and your friendship, and we'll always remember you. This is a little something to remember us by." The package is offered to Jueann.

Dale stands firm and nods and Liesana give her little speech. Tears are forming slowly and he is quick to reach up and brush them off during the speech. He smiles to Jueann and continues to give her his full attention admiring the great Harper who is in their presence.

"Huh? What? Oh...." Jue takes the box, almost dropping her wine glass. Someone nearby rescues it as she, with trembling hands, starts to open the box.

Inside the box is a lovely tankard with Jue's name and harper symbol on it and a huge memory book. "Oh. . .my. . ."

G'deon watches closely as Jueann opens the box, his wine glass held with suspense less than a foot from his face.

As Jueann unwraps the package and reveals its contents, someone calls, "Speech!"

I'anex takes himself to tiptoes to see the box/sundry better. As the problem is distance and not height, it does him little good.

Falada stands up to get a better look at the scene, skillfully fixing in her mind and on her paper the image of Jueann as she opens the box, the expression on her face, the detail of the tankard. This will be one sketch she details and finishes in color.

"Ain' that nice," is N'ano's idle comment as he peeks over at Jueann's gift, motioning to it with one hand while using the other to cup Shayla's elbow and direct her attention towards it as well if it's not there already.

Relyssa has a slight problem with height, as everyone who has even noticed her at all has surely noticed, and she stands on her toes, craning in an effort to see what's going on. She frowns and silently swears to herself when this method fails. She glances about, as though looking for something; the girl is of the mind to shimmy up the closest thing... or person... that's taller than she is.

And now that the attention is off of her, Liesana returns to looking even more pale than she was before, sinking down to settle on the steps and rest her cheek against the cool stone of the balustrade, eyes closing lightly as she waits for the crowd to lighten enough for Dashvard to slink through. Breathe in through her nose, out through her mouth. Rinse and repeat.

Dashvard has grown quite adept at slinking through crowds over the Turns, winding through noisy people with little more to aid him than the slant of eyebrows and the wide berth people tend to give blood-covered men still wearing their swords. He looms over the hunched figure of his wife, his expression at etching of concern. "Do you need a lie-down, love?"

G'deon watches Liesana for a moment as he finally takes that last sip of wine, just in time to deposit the empty glass on a wandering apprentice's tray. As Dashvard reaches the Harper, however, G'deon turns to Jueann and suggests loudly, "Well, show it off!"

Speech!? Jue hands off her gift to someone as she slowly climbs half way up the stairs. "But I'm horrible at speeches," she mutters loudly. Turning to face everyone, she adjusts her glasses. "Oh my. A speech. What to say. . ."

"Just some quiet and a glass of cool water," Liesana assures Dashvard, holding a hand out to him. "I'll speak to Jueann in person later, but do you think it would be horribly ill-mannered of me to go hide in our quarters?"

Dale grins a little watching the Master open his gift. As he moves to give the speech he smiles and turns to face her with his entire body looking forward to hear what she has to say.

Majori and the apprentices are circulating with the wineskins, making sure that everyone has a full glass.

Sharrasi smiles and accepts more wine from one of the many apprentices."Thank you." She barely whispers, however the apprentice smiles and heads to the next person.

"Manners," intones Ista Hold's guard captain with measured dignity, "can stuff it." Dash flashes a grin, bright and brief, as he takes her hand (bloodless sleeve!), providing a strong brace for her to pull herself up with. He adds, low-voiced, "If anyone asks, you had to take me home and beat me for showing up in /such/ an indecorous fashion."

I'anex removes a glass from some hovering tray with more the furtive air of a thief than is strictly appropriate or necessary. He eases down on his heels, and the cessation of effort to watch somehow leads to his attention wandering again at random, mild and glancing. Listening, however, remains in full effect.

Liesana is grateful. Doubly so for the lack of blood on the offered sleeve. With a smile for her husband, and a last glance back at Jueann, the Crafthead's Second makes good her escape and vanishes up the stairs.

Ylisa steps back to let Jueann speak, then in a moment of doubt, looks round for her glass. Whoever-it-was thrusts it into her hand. As Jueann doesn't seem to keen on displaying her eloquence, though, she takes pity on the older woman, and turns to the company, glass raised. "Please join me in a toast. To Master Jueann, and may she have a long and happy retirement. Master Jueann!"

Sharrasi sips when the toast happens."Hear hear." She says quietly.

Falada lifts her glass and cheers with the rest of the party, softly and with a broken voice, followed by a cough and a wiping of her eyes on her cuff.

Jueann isn't done with her speech but is saved by the toast. Smiling, she says, "And here's to the best craft on Pern. May you all make me proud."

I'anex raises his glass, and with little idea of what else to do with it, promptly lowers it and takes a careful sip. Neh. Still no taste for wine.

Dale quickly grabs a glass from the first apprentice he sees and raises it in the air, "Hear hear." He lowers is slowly and sips from it slowly enjoying the taste as it goes down. The smith is unusually emotional tonight and has to reach up multiple times to wipe his eyes clean.

G'deon applauds where it seems appropriate, then starts to nod to those nearest and starts to make his way for the main doors.

G'deon quietly strides to the Great Hall.

N'ano whispers something into Shayla's ear before sidestepping and offering a quick nod to those around him, "Pardon," before he heads out to take care of some business. Of course, knowing what Shayla's reaction'll probably be for leaving her alone, he beckons her to join him with a quick nudge of his head.

N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Great Hall.

Ylisa takes a sip from her own glass, then fades into the crowd, to emerge next to Falada. "Well, that's my duty done for the evening. Time to enjoy the party - for once, I'm not playing half the night."

I'anex somewhat ridiculously reaches over to redeposit his glass on the next passing tray (just a sip, here) and is caught by the little grey man. "I'm out. I've made my appearance, done my business. Unless you want to--" Noting the man's immediate hesitation (and dread of a yes) I'anex counters, "No, I'm ready." And they head out through the crowds.

Jueann smiles, "Well, Ylisa, I'm sure you all don't need help from me to enjoy a good party. I really must get back to my packing."

Falada sniffs, coughs and wipes at her eyes, smiling as Ylisa appears at her elbow. "It's not a bad party," she says, "Even if it's a bit subdued. Not that a nice dignified gathering isn't nice once in a while." She tips her pad to show Ylisa a few of the rough sketches she has of the event.

Jueann walks up the curving staircase to the balcony hallway.

Sharrasi gets collected by her greenrider friend and they head out the door after saying a proper round of goodbyes to people they had talked to a little during the party.

Ylisa gives a wry chuckle. "Well, now. We could have dancers piling up on the floor. We could arrange another irate Lord Holder to turn up and pretend to have a heart attack - no, on the whole, I'm quite happy with a sedate Harper function for once!" She glances round, looking for Majori. "Which reminds me, I wonder how Liesana got on with Lord Bramero. Not that I really care, as long as he doesn't show up here again. Is that very irresponsible of me?"

Falada rolls her eyes and shakes her head. "Oh, who cares right now? Maybe if we didn't have children for Lords..." She purses her lips and looks a little abashed at her unexpected indiscretion. "Liesana is good to put up with them, really. I couldn't do it."

Ylisa grins as she peers at the sketches. "I had three months of the man, when I did that posting there. I'm in no hurry to meet him again - probably better that I don't, in fact. I think Majori must get her sense from her mother. That's wonderful. You've got Jueann to the life."

Falada pages back through to pad idly. "I missed the whole saga of Lord Bramero and Majori. I was up at the Smiths and, honestly, I was sort of avoiding the upheaval. I heard word, though." She shakes her head and comments on the smudged out traces of her sketch of Dashvard. "Sometimes I don't even know what I'm drawing until I look back at it later."

Ylisa nods. "Well, Majori's turned out a lot better than anyone would have expected, I think. I don't know what we'd have done without her over the last few seasons - she's got a very good grasp of how to make ends meet."

Majori sets the apprentices to collecting empty glasses and vanishes towards the kitchens.

Falada nods enthusiastically. "For which skill I am more grateful than you can imagine. When the snakes got in the supplies and I was stuck with pottery and not much else..." She shakes her head. "Chalk on hides can only go so far, and for some reason, they seemed to like the green pigments. It must have a flavor they like." She gives a bemused shrug.

"Green? Well, I suppose those little ones are rather greenish - perhaps it's a natural affinity." Judging by her smile, Ylisa is jesting, though she sounds more serious as she adds, "Let's hope our new Crafthead appreciates her, anyway."

Falada nods. "Yes, let's, though I don't know how anyone could not." She looks around the ballroom, suddenly noticing how quiet it's gotten, only a few stragglers left in couples or triples here and there. "Wow... I didn't even notice people leaving. Is it late?"

Ylisa scans the room. Even the musicians seem to be winding down, and in fact they stop playing as their piece comes to an end. "Apparently. It seemed to go very quickly. I hope Jueann enjoyed it, anyway." She raises a hand to her mouth, covering a discreet yawn. "Well, I think I'm going to join the exodus."

Falada sighs and stands up. "I guess I should, too. Make sure the children are actually /in/ their beds." She heads upstairs, then turns and smiles. "Sleep well, Ylisa... And she really looked like she did enjoy it."

Ylisa isn't far behind. "You too. Goodnight!" She makes her way up the stairs and into her room.

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