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Arrival at Herder Hall

Note From 1/18/09-1/25/09 There is a Herder/Harper TP going on.
Hello Harpers! I wanted to formally announce our little field trip. It seems the Harpers at Ista were long overdue for a trip to the High Reaches Area, and Herder Master Beka has invited us to come stay in the HerderCraft Hall for some inter craft activities.

Two Journeyman Chaperones being Alesa and Jhiedrik will supervise any apprentices who are able to go. There will be Journeymen and Masters of course still back at the hall to keep up the usual activities for those electing to not go on the trip. We will be calling upon some of our rider friends from HRW to assist us in transportation, facilitated by Salen, a native to the area. The purpose of this trip is [ICly] threefold: to get more experience with animal hide preparations used for drum making, to examine, collect and learn about those woods non native to the Ista area and what use they are for instrument making, as well as plant pigments for artist palettes, and, to examine the extensive Harper facilities at Herder and reconnect with our Harpers posted there.

OOCLY the purpose is also to foster RP, friendships and activities between the two crafts as well. The visit will be a month (1 RL week) and will culminate in Herder Sr Apprentice Issri's journeyman project, an avian cookoff where we have volunteered to provide performances and entertainment (Its only fair, since the Herders are so graciously allowing us to stay at their Hall for a month)
Log 1: Arrival!

MOO Time: 2009-01-18 14:06:18
Internet Time: @837 beats
And on Pern ...
The time is 14:06.
It is afternoon of the seventy-second day of autumn.
It is the tenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is an autumn afternoon.

Players: Salen, Zilurana, Beka, Il'ad, M'cai, Jhiedrik, dragons
Summary: We assemble and travel to the Herder Hall with the help of our dragonrider escorts.

Ista Hold Courtyard

Built into the side of a hard granite cliff, Ista Hold looms dominantly to the west. Windows pock the smooth surface of the cliff in neat rows until they get closer to the ground, where they begin to frame the great bronze doors leading into the Hold itself. A sea breeze seems constantly in the air here as the ocean and the wharf lay but dragonlengths to the east. Beaches are scattered to the north, recreational areas for the Hold's residents when not working.
It is an autumn afternoon.
You see Callie here.
You notice Tering asleep here.
Salen and Zilurana are here.
Obvious exits:
Ista Hold Dock Main Beach Great Doors Guard House Stables
You walk down a few steps into the courtyard.

Above, Giavistoth blinks in from ::between::!
Above, Giavistoth glides gracefully down to the Courtyard.
Giavistoth glides gracefully down and settles in the Courtyard.

White tipped peaks grace the brown ridges that run down his neck, along his back and down his tail. Thin, wispy lines of ochre and henna begin at the base of the icy caps and create even striation across the base of the ridges and spreading out over his shoulders. His head, sleek in shape and rounded in muzzle, rests on a short neck, the thick band of muscles wrapped in dark, burnt brown. Mahogany tinted eyeridges sweep back, lending a devious or perhaps dapper look to his expression. Beginning at the base of his throat, a splash of bright white sand sprays across his chest and down his flanks, sweeping across his elongated and bellowing wingsails. The splash of brightness out shines all else on his body, making his ridges look very small and distant. His hide is pebbled in such a way that the markings seem realistic, showing texture as well as depth. Beyond the wings, the body and legs are attenuated; thinning out as they stretch back. The pattern dissolves into darkness on his exceptionally elongated black tail and onyx claws.
Darkened brown leather coils it's way around the dragon's neck, standing out boldly over the whiter tones of the underside. The straps of leather form a neat harness, hooks and buckles glimmering faintly where one might strap themselves in.
Astride Giavistoth is M'cai.
Giavistoth is 7 Turns, 8 months, and 7 days old.
He is 62 feet (20m) long, with a wingspan of 103 feet (34m).
Giavistoth seems to be listening.

Alesa trots out to the courtyard, her pack is heavy on her back and she's wearing a brown woven coat with a scarf. Not taking any chances! Of course she's rather overheated in the Istan warmth but not for long. She gets out a checklist and sits down, looking for the apprentices who had signed their names as going on the field trip. Callie, being the snuggy cat she is has followed her mistress out as if to say 'dont leave me'!

Zilurana hustles out into the courtyard, careful not to run. Her dulcimer has been carefully bundled and is carried awkwardly with both arms of the girl wrapped tightly round the odd shapped musical instrument. The apprentices is bundled up for a the expected trip /between/ and has a grin plastered on her face that she can't seem to make go away.

Salen looks quite excited as he follows Zilurana out. He is also wearing cool weather gear under wherhide flying geat. Not necessarily as thick is Ista natives, but he's at least making a passing concession to the colder climate of High Reaches. He also has a pack and his gitar wrapped up, slung over his shoulder. "This is going to be so fun!" he enthuses to Zil.

Above, Szarabhayanath glides gracefully down to the Courtyard.

Szarabhayanath glides gracefully down and settles in the Courtyard.

From Giavistoth's neck, What's a field trip without a bus? Giavistoth appears overhead, giving a loud trumpet into the hair. Rather like a horn, really. Spiraling down, there's a few steady backwings to land him in the courtyard, making a slightly disgruntled noise to see the masses of apprentices starting to appear. Oh /goody/. Yes, it's the grumpy bus. M'cai shoves his goggles up on his head a bit, sitting up in his straps. "Heeeey! We're here Well. Harpers. Or something. Transport? Yes, that's it." Giavistoth gives a bit of a snort, tail twitching lightly against the ground.

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Hey--sorry we're late," calls out Il'ad from his own lifemate's back. Instead of dismounting for a proper greeting, he stifles a yawn behind his wrist before looking skyward through his own goggles. They really need some tinting. One more yawn is had before he levels his gaze back at--oh look, M'cai. "Heeey," is drawled out in greeting towards the brownrider. Harpers? What are Harpers?

Alesa looks up at the brownrider, and stands up, nodding. "Hello there, Sir! I don't think I have caught your name? I'm Harper Journeywoman Alesa, one of the trip chaperones. Salen informs me that you agreed to help us out. Thank you so much!" She grins. Her pack is heavy on her shoulder, so she discards it at her feet for the time being. Then, she also nods at Il'ad.

"Afternoon, Il'ad. Thank you for helping also!" She does know him..sort of. She checks Salen and Zilurana off her checklist. "A few more are coming, so we'll wait just a little longer I think" She nods.

Szarabhayanath settles into a lump of green dragon flesh. She eyes M'cai and Giavistoth appreciatively until memory returns as to why she's here. Back to being in a snit, she turns to eye the people around her. There are /promises/ to be had first.

Salen waves enthusiastically at green and brown (and, consequently, their riders). "Hey! Thanks for agreeing to transport us! I owe you two!" Or is it four? What kind of favors does a dragon ask? He nods at Alesa, though, then goes up to the green (and her rider). "Hey! How're you doing?" Ignoring the fact that he saw the two of them just a few days ago.

Zilurana gives a respectful nod to each of the dragons and hops back just a little before she gently sets her cased instrument down, "I hope my dulcimer doesn't crack on the way there," because the cold of /between/ has been known to crack instruments, then she blushes as she realizes that she's spoken aloud.

Giavistoth turns his head somewhat, looking over Szarabhayanath with some of his own appreciation. Hm. ...Croon. It's an afterthought, really, but at least it's there. His wings shift, and he settles down, although M'cai remains perched at his neck. "What? Oh! It's M'cai. I figured that would be taken care of and--Il'ad! Hey!" Yeah, so he's easily distracted. He waves just a bit at Salen though, offering the boy a quick grin. "No problem at all! It helps with getting fresh air." Because, you know, Pern doesn't have a whole lot of that floating about.

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Oh, I'm good. A little tired, but good." Cue another yawn. Il'ad doesn't even bother to stifle this one. Szarabhayanath is eyed skeptically for a moment, and a nice /hard/ pat given to her before he chin-nods at M'cai. "Hey." Didn't he already say this? The greeting is finally turned back to Alesa, though her own words are met with a quick grin and another quick nod of his head.

Szarabhayanath grunts when Il'ad whacks her, but she doesn't move. Instead, she lays her head down and closes her eyes, waiting for the magic /words/ before she starts moving again. Only the slightest twitching here and there from her feet, tail and wings belies the languid pose she's assumed.

A knot of apprentices burst from the Hold, decked toe to head in cold weather gear, hefting bulging packs, and sweating in the Ista warmth. They stop in a rather tangled group before the Journeywoman, gasping and chorusing variations of 'sorry for being late!'

Jheva is the last to make her way down into the courtyard. A muttered appology is given before the girl settles into the knot of apprentices that had burst out before her. She's not slow, she's meticulous.

Above, Typhoon glides in from above the hold valley to the west.

Alesa hmms, looking disapprovingly at the small group who just arrived. "Alright, line up so I can do a headcount!" she says. Check, check check..she checks them off on her list. Seems everyone is accounted for. Jhiedrik saunters in with a nod, and this means they're ready to go.

"Alright, I'll talk to the two riders here and figure out who goes on what dragon. " she says. "M'cai, Il'ad, how many can your dragons take per trip? Any weight limits?" She asks, trying to be methodical.

This scrawny, coltish green is no beauty, her hide a patchwork of variegated hues. Mottled asparagus sweeps up the angular lines of her too-big nose while moss smears the ridges that shade bright, extrovert's eyes. Down the graceless slope of her neck, splatters of brighter apple gleam like freckles, a wry bit of derring-do that skirls over the awkward lengths of her wings, while her short stubby tail makes an amusing postscript behind a lanky torso and rangy limbs. Her talons gleam, silvery and almost laughable, but for the dangerous curve and shining points.
Natural-colored leather straps adorn Szarabhayanath, fitting snugly around her her neck. They're offset by unpolished buckles, offering a place for footholds and attachments to secure a tight fit. Beneath, a soft layer of llama wool lines the interior, resting against her hide in comfort.
Astride Szarabhayanath is Il'ad.
Szarabhayanath is 9 Turns, 1 month, and 27 days old.
She is 43 feet (14m) long, with a wingspan of 71 feet (23m).
Szarabhayanath seems to be listening.

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Uh--we should probably take the smaller of the apprentices. She's---smaller, you know." Szara. That's Il'ad's opinion on the matter, anyway.
From Szarabhayanath's neck, "And no pukers," Il'ad amends.

Zilurana falls into the line of apprentices and waits. Granted, she does fidget, but Zil is mostly still.

Szarabhayanath opens her eyes, but maintains her languid pose. However, each of the potential skinny, little apprentices are eyeballed. Possibly looking for puking tendencies.

From Giavistoth's neck, M'cai just laughs a bit, leaning forward to rest his arms on one of Giavistoth's neckridges, nodding. "We can take as many as there's room for, I'd imagine. I mean, he could proabably /carry/ a lot more than could know../fit/. Don't puke."

Salen moves over to the brown. "I wanna ride with M'cai!" Ignoring the fact that the question was not directed at him nor is it his decision.

Alesa nods "Alright then!" she calls out. "You riders may have to make two trips. And if that's the case I'll make sure you get more compensation. Some extra songs, or entertainment by our apprentices here." She gestures. "Alright, you two girls, the little ones, ride with Il'ad. Salen, Zilurana, Jheva, Jhiedrik, ride with M'cai. I will remain here to watch things from this end"

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Okay. Well, whoever's coming on Szarabhayanath, speak now or forever hold your peace," Il'ad says, waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Alas! Two girls. "No more? I can probably take another one or two." Size pending.

From Giavistoth's neck, M'cai is just that popular. He grins down at Salen then, and simply leans in the straps with Giavistoth lowering down as much as possible. "Well then, climb on aboard. And make sure you don't have to pee, either. I don't wanna get up in the air and then have accidents between. That's just..gross." He at least does offer his hand though to any apprentices climbing up. "One trip, doesn't really matter much. They're short trips, and all."

Salen grins up at M'cai. "I'm not gonna. I'm good on Between tripe." He grabs the rider's hand and uses his help to climb aboard.

Salen clambers up Giavistoth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Zilurana hefts her pack up to her back and settles it, then her dulcimer is picked up as she moves towards the dragon indicated. Jheva also hefts her pack and makes a nervous step towards the brown dragon and his rider, "This should be different," Zil offers with a huge grin.

Szarabhayanath starts getting antsy, breaking from her relaxed position. Let's get this party started. She /tries/ to hold very still to whomever is going to be climbing up, but the wait is starting to get to her. Chop-chop people!

Zilurana clambers up Giavistoth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Alesa grins. "Alright then, you, Zaelara, get on Il'ad's dragon. Il'ad how many more can you take?" She has no idea, not being the ridery type herself. She picks up her pack, putting her clipboard in it. And picks up her cat. Better take her along too, she figures. "If you can take one more, and then make one more trip, we should be set!"

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Two more--three max if the last one is teeny," Il'ad replies after consulting with the green.

From Giavistoth's neck, Salen, being in front, wraps his arms right around M'cai, grinning like a fool. "We ready?" He's obviously impatient to be off.

Alesa grins. "Well alright then, i think we can fit everyone on one trip. Sifiel, ride on Il'ad, and I shall get on behind you" she says. She observes the little female struggle her way onto the green and then she follows suit, climbing with one arm and grabbing the cat with the other.

You clamber up Szarabhayanath's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

From Giavistoth's neck, M'cai is grabbed onto! The brownrider blinks for just a moment, and then laughs, head shaking. "Well /really/ now. Is /this/ why you wanted to ride with me? Not that I mind at all. Just hold on good." The brownrider giggles just a little bit then, and Giavistoth moves to stand, wings fanning out slightly. "Everyone good and strapped in?" Don't wanna lose anyone..

From Giavistoth's neck, Zilurana double checks her riding straps and then gives a nod. Not that M'cai can see her, mind, but it's given just the same.

"Alright! I'm Il'ad, Il'll be your chauffeur for the afternoon. Please assure that all straps are buckled in proper, hands and feet in their proper position, and attention remain forward upon ascension into the sky." Everybody set? Yes? Great!

Alesa buckles herself in, as well as the cat, smushed against her crotch. "Ready, sir!" She grabs onto the person infront of her and grips with her legs.

Szarabhayanath moves! She stands, not caring if any little harpers are left behind. The time for action is /now/. Squatting, she /launches/ herself into the air in a nice, long jump before taking off. /Finally/, let's get this show on the road.

You take off.
Above Ista Hold
You wing your way over the Ista Hold complex. Below, the main hold's wide courtyard faces east, over the ocean. Just north of that lies the Hold's main beach, the white sands often crowded with holders enjoying the sun and surf. Turquoise waters from the hold cove roll up to lap on the shore. Just inland from the main beach are the Hold's main gather meadow and racetracks.
It is an autumn afternoon.
In the courtyard, you see a brown dragon.
Obvious exits:
Ista Hold Courtyard North Valley Beach Gather Grounds Fire Heights Gather Square Lane's End Sea Hold

Giavistoth takes off from Ista Hold Courtyard
Szarabhayanath winks into ::between::!

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::... absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you... you wait, and count...
Above the Bowl
The ocean's tranquil thermals settle within the center section of the bowl's airspace, unusually smooth and bouyant -- though oft to switch as the seasons shift. Lingering beneath spires' constant presence, the perpetual activity of the weyr can be observed from every direction: from the testing rustle of dragonet wings, to the playful games sent aloft.
It is an autumn noon.
Below, you see six dragons.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Northern Sky Weyrling Air Above the Pens Above the Lake Ledges
Szarabhayanath blinks in from ::between::!
Giavistoth blinks in from ::between::!

You head north towards Weyrleaders and Hatching Sands.
Above the Northern Bowl
Spires' magnitude and towering presence looms over the northern aspect of the bowl's sky; the narrow nonuniformity of their perpendicular rise gives way to depict the overall spontanuity of the weyr. Seasonably unpredictable thermals keep you aloft with this portion of the sky, oft to be slightly tepid due to the ocean's close proximity. At this vantage rests the weyrs and ledges of the weyrleaders themselves. Meanwhile, a panoramic scene unfolds below: numerous dragons, riders, and weyrfolk often lounge below, despite the seasonaly changes from winter to summer, and visa versa. To the northwest, the perpetual warmth of the hatching sands provides an influx of inquisitive visitors and possible candidates, while the newness of the weyrling barracks resides to the east.
It is an autumn noon.
Below, you see three dragons.
To the south, you see a brown dragon.
Obvious exits:
Northern Bowl Weyrleader's Ledge Weyrling Airspace Feeding Pens Central Bowl Windtunnel (Sands) Queens' Weyrs Ledges

Giavistoth swoops in from center of the bowl.

Higher and higher you go, circling up past the Spires themselves.
Above High Reaches
Quite, quite high, nothing braves these heights but stone and dragon and cloud; the Star Stones jut dutifully above the Weyr proper, flayed by the mountain winds that are consistant at this altitude whilst the rest spreads below, protected by its crown of jagged stone spires'-teeth.
It is an autumn noon.
Obvious exits:
Down to the Weyr Over The Mountains Star Stones Weyrling Air Herder Hall
You fly south.

Above Herder Hall

It is an autumn afternoon.
Obvious exits:
Herder Hall Above the Meadows
You glide down for a landing.

Slate grey stone forms an even surface, with no stray pebbles to bruise runners' hooves. Scattered around the courtyard's edges, the occasional tree or bush brightens the deadening effect of the rock's expanse. Twin planters, with convenient handles, frame the main Hall's doors, filled with saffron and argent flowers as the season and weather permits. Placed just above the entrance, a ledge offers a perch to firelizards in need of one, large enough to hold a fair without seeming too crowded. Sturdy rings of iron are placed here and there upon the walls of the building, allowing the secure tying of runners and other creatures who might require it. Towards the northeast a path leads off to a stout building that is placed well away from the main hall and stables. There one can find the local smith who provides for the Craft.
It is an autumn noon.
Standing quietly are Proximate Cause, Clouded Flames, and Creme Dala Creme.
You see Flamer Shed and Graldo here.
You notice Alochkarina and Conlan asleep here.
Obvious exits:
Pastures Road to High Reaches Main Hall
Giavistoth glides in from above, and lands.

You slide gently down Szarabhayanath's neck and land with a soft thud.

Zilurana slides from Giavistoth's neck and lands gently on the ground.
From Giavistoth's neck, Salen give a loud whoop, unfortunately right in M'cai's ear. "That was great!" And since his arms are still around M'cai, he gives him a bit of a squeeze. "Thank you so much. And you, too, Giavistoth," he adds, giving the brown a bit of a pat. And then, finally
releasing his grip, he slides down.

Salen slides from Giavistoth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Zilurana belatedly turns towards the dragon she just dismounted, "Thank you, Giavistoth, and you too, M'cai," then she's checking her dulcimer which hit the ground a little on the hard side. A sigh of relief is breathed when it is discovered that her instrument is unharmed.
Szarabhayanath is quick to squat to let the people -- and animals!! -- off.

From Szarabhayanath's neck, "Everybody good?" Il'ad asks, offering a hand here and there until everybody is dismounted. And when they are, Il'ad dismounts himself, stretching his legs a little before looking back towards M'cai. "You staying or heading back to Ista?"

Alesa slides down, and puts her feline down as well. She assists Sifiel down, as well as the others riding on the green. The little apprentice runs off to some bushes and starts hurling. Oh well. Alesa grimaces but then turns back to the riders. "Thank you so much! I hope to see you during the Avian Cookoff next month. We'll be doing performances and such there, should be fun! And if sooner, we always welcome guides to the local area. " She nods and grins.

From Giavistoth's neck, M'cai winces a little at the sudden /loudness/. Erk. Gah. Slightly /deaf/. "Goodness, I don't need you to practice your lungs right /now/." He shakes his head, fingers rubbing at the offended ear, before he looks back over towards Il'ad, grinning. "I'd stick around, but I have drills to run later on, and have about a million things to get done before then."

Il'ad slides from Szarabhayanath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Salen gives M'cai an apologetic grimace. "Sorry," he calls up. "Just excited. I like flying a lot. And it's so good to be home!" Ish. He twirls around a little. "The weather's actually/ sane/ here!" As in chilly. Because it's autumn!

Szarabhayanath is busy trying to twist herself around to eye an offending spot on her back. She appears to be sniffing herself and then eyeing the feline the harper person let go. Sniff.

"Good, 'cause I feel like you never actually come to High Reaches to visit me," Il'ad says matter-of-factly, giving M'cai a look. A very particular look. "You wanna hang out for a little bit?" is then asked of the brownrider as Il'ad makes his way a little closer to Giavistoth, looking up.

Beka walks in from the Main Hall.

From Giavistoth's neck, M'cai blinks for just a moment, and then just laughs, smirking at Il'ad. "Alright, alright.. I suppose I can afford /some/ time.."

Szarabhayanath's attention turns from the suspiciously cold spot on her back to M'cai and Il'ad. Yessssss. More like it.

Alesa assists Silfiel get her legs again, saying "We can get you something salty to eat and drink some water, and you should feel better." She shrugs. Ah, nauseous apprentices. She notes the green dragon's twitching and grimaces. "Oh er. Did Callie pee a little on you? I can..uh...wipe it off?" She looks embarassed and a little afraid. Dragon bites, not cool!

"Alright. Cool," Il'ad says to M'cai before keeling forward in laughter. "Oh man." Yeah, don't mind him. He's practically crying now from the laughter as he casually /edges/ away from Szarabhayanath.

"How am I somehow not surprised," comes the dry, droll voice of one Master Beka; the tall blonde woman is standing near the doorway to the main hall, biding her time, watching the Harpers disembark from their draconic transports. Her gaze is focused on Szarabhayanath, currently, and Il'ad; her head shakes, once, and she strides forwards. "Herder Hall's greetings to the Harpercraft, High Reaches, and Ista Weyr!" is pronounced formally, in strident tones more oft used in hollering at apprentices than giving salutations.

There is talk of pee. M'cai makes a face, nose scrunching up somewhat. "Ew...okay, /ew/. Il'ad, you are certainly free to hitch a ride with me." And not ride on the pee dragon. He does look over though, waving a hand in Beka's direction with a nod. "Ista's greetings!"

Salen is chuckling a little as he wanders around, exploring. He's never been in the courtyard proper before. However, he does remember exactly which bush he hid behind when, ah, following orders like a good little guard. And, that memory in mind, he pales a bit when he sees Master Beka. "Uh, greetings, Master Beka." And if his voice squeaks a little, well, he's scared.
Szarabhayanath hisses and starts turning in circles trying to see the wet spot. Run away little harpers and herders lest you accidentally get squashed. Not really, she's in a cleared, out of the way spot, away from the crowd and now very unhappy.

"Aw crap." It's kind of amusing how quickly Il'ad's demeanor can change at the sound of a particular voice. Straightening up, the rider clears his throat and offers a very charming grin towards the woman. "/Always/ a pleasure, Master Beka."

Zilurana follows quietly behind the rest of the harpers, at the sound of Master Beka's voice, she stops and blinks. Did she do something wrong again? A quick check of her pack and instrument, and Zil finally beams a smile towards the herder. She'll just stand here and gape in awe for bit, shant she?

Alesa whips her head around to see Master Beka. "Greetings Master Beka, from Harper Hall. We are very grateful for this opportunity. I need to talk with you later about scheduling some class sessions for the apprentices. And, if you could be so kind as to direct us to where we'll be sleeping this evening, that would be wonderful" She bows in respect. Hearing nothing from Il'ad about dragon cleaning, she lets that issue go for the moment. Jhiedrik bows and gives a winning smile as well as only he can.

"Master Thighs," Beka's sarcastic tone rings forth; "We do have a lake, if your green would prefer to take a dip and clean herself before going back." Il'ad's promptly courteous greeting doesn't lessen the look of very predatory amusement whenever her gaze traverses his particular frame. Her intent blue gaze then encompasses Salen; her eyes narrow for a moment until she places the lad, and then she barks off a laugh. "Aye, and to you, little squirt. Try not to hold any of my apprentices hostage this time, aye?" A flagged hand for M'cai, and a nod to the rest of the Harper contingent. Her eyes linger on Jhiedrik a moment, narrowing again as she tries to place where she's seen him before, and she nods once to Alesa. "Of course. We can discuss that over dinner. If you would have your people split into female and male halves, I'll send them with an apprentice each to show where they will be bunking at."

"Alrightalrightalright. Just chill," Il'ad instructs aloud to his lifemate before asking the crowd as a whole "Anyone have a towel or something?" Before Szara spontaneously combusts? "Or you can do that, baby," Il'ad suggests to his lifemate, nodding towards Beka at her suggestion. "Go swim!"

Szarabhayanath stops her circling antics and just /hisses/ at Il'ad. Turning her back on her /very/ unhelpful lifemate -- see if she does him any favors soon -- and stalks off towards the mysterious body of water that's around her somewhere.

Szarabhayanath walks to the Pastures.

Salen blushes a bit under Beka's regard. "Yeah, well ..." He decides against trying to justify the event and ends up with. "I won't, Master Beka." Even though /he/ technically didn't kidnap anybody. He just said he did. And he begins gravitating toward the cluster of males, forming into a rough group.

Zilurana moves towards where the girls are grouping and stifles a yawn, she's about done in. That'll teach her to stay up late working on a tune or the lyrics to said tune.

Alesa nods. "Very well" and gestures to the apprentices, already forming two groups. "Zilurana, Zaelara, Silfiel..and you three" she cannot remember the names of the giggling gaggle of girls. "Please do stop ogling the riders and form a line, hurry up, don't keep the Herders waiting! We shall take the rest of the day off to get settled and such and start with classes and other things in the days to come. We will gather during the afternoon mealtime tomorrow, and I'll come by the dorms to inform you all of the time later this evening when I check to see you're there by curfew. Have fun, but remember, behave. there will be a chaperone in each dorm keeping tabs on you, Jhiedrik and myself" She nods, sternly.

Beka waves a hand absently, and a couple of apprentices lead the two groups off. "Il'ad. Are you going to let her bathe with her straps on, like that?" Her eyebrows raise. "Alesa," she calls over, also, as the groups trickle into the hall-- "Once they show you the dorms, feel free to come visit me in the offices above the Main Hall. Your apprentices are more than free to roam the hall, if they so desire. We have journeymen everywhere, so it isn't as if they would be without supervision."

"Oh. Right," Il'ad says, offering a forced grin before stuffing his hands into his pockets and following the path his lifemate took towards the lake.

Il'ad walks to the Pastures.

Salen actually wanders over to Alesa first, expression eager. "Journeywoman! Do you mind if I go back to the Weyr with Il'ad? If he'll let me? Since you said we had the day off? I'm really eager to go see my friends." Pause. "Once I unpack, of course." He isn't moving back. Really!
Giavistoth takes off.

Alesa nods to Beka. "Of course, Master. I think that between yours and our Journeymen we can keep them in line. Staying in an apprentice dorms again..this takes me back. Seems like many turns ago that I was an apprentice at Harper Hall" She grins. "Yes, Salen, you may but just take Jhiedrik with you. He wanted to see someone at 'Reaches as well." And keep an eye out for a particular apprentice! Heh. She gathers her cat and her things and walks along with the female group of apprentices towards the dorms.
Tags: alesa, beka, harper field trip, herder hall, herder tp, il'ad, jhiedrik, m'cai, zaelara, zilurana
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