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Istan Gather Harpercraft Performance!

It is a spring  evening on the seventy-second day of spring, the eighth Turn of the Tenth Interval.

Players: Alesa, Kurt, Zilurania, Riysa, Nicholarin, Shaon
Setting: Gather Square and Market
Summary: Wherein the HarperCraft entertains the crowds with some music, and Alesa's new flying stomach  firelizard is hatched after being won earlier in the Gather archery contest. 
(2008-06-22 21:22 MOO Time)

Gather Square and Market
  The east end of the square is open, save for the harper's stage, and a cooling breeze blows in off the sea.  Beyond the stage you can see the white sandy beach, just down the hill from the gather square.  The main gather meadow lies to the south.
Mists of lavendar and spring green drape around square in decorative air, filmy fabric twisted into curtaining tacked atop intermittent arranged poles. Dim lightting placed around dance floor to give airy festive feel to whole gather square, platform of harpers playing music at far end to drift melody over breeze to dancers.
  It is a spring evening. 
Obvious exits:
Runner Track     Amphitheater     Gather Meadow

Zilurana steps out from the Galleries
Nicholarin walks up from the gather meadow.
Shaon walks up from the gather meadow.

"Yeah. I guess it's better to make a fool of myself in front of less people. 'sides, I wouldn't have a story if you ended up going to. 'sides, I'm pretty confident you don't wanna go back there any time soon, no?" Shaon asks, walking beside the trader boy as they converse one another in idle fashion. "Think it's even worth it?"

Alesa removes her flute from her pack, then firmly closes it and puts it on the ground, next to her chair on the Harper Stage.
She takes a quick look at her outfit, and smooths out the wrinkles that the wind has put in her favorite gather dress.
She is wearing a light blue dress, the aqua shades matching her eyes and complementing her complexion very well. A square cut neck is accentuated by some fabric flowers, four placed in equal lengths along the neckline. A tan sash is tied snugly around her slim waist, while some braided ,matching blue sandals complete her look. Her blonde hair flows free, with two side locks plaited, curving their way to the back of her hair. A silvery necklace hangs in the curvy hollows of her neck, with a single treble clef gracing her slender neck.  Two firelizards are perched on her shoulders.  She then polishes her flute with the cloth, and takes a look at one of the other performers, young apprentice Zilurana, to see if she is ready to begin.

Alesa's Flute
Small valves cover the holes that line the length of the finely wrought silver flute. A intricate gold inlay of a swooping firelizard, about to catch a fish in its talons, entwines around the body of the flute. Delicate lines surround the mouth piece and flow down around the holes to end at the base of the central cylinder of the flute. Just below the mouthpiece in a slightly calligraphic letter style is the name 'Alesa' and a small single treble clef to the right of the name in the same gold inlay.
This item is stamped with the HarperCraft insignia, indicating that it has met the Craft's standards.

Zilurana stands at five foot five and a half inches; she is in a word; tall and still growing. Her black hair is kept short for convenience, and her icy blue eyes sit on either side of a rather short, but thin nose. All of which is set in an oval shaped face. The contrast of eyes, hair, and skin is startling to look at as the deep black stands out against the pale ivory complexion of the girl.
Zilurana is dressed in a pair of sturdy work pants dyed harper blue. A clean white shirt is tucked haphazardly into the waistband of the pants, giving her the look of having thrown on the first clean clothes at hand. Sturdy boots that have been meticulously polished grace her feet.
Zilurana wears the knot of a Harper Junior Apprentice.
She is a teenager of about 13. She is awake, but seems rather distracted.

Alesa plays a note quietly on Alesa's Flute and tries to get it in tune.
You listen as Alesa lightly plays a note.  With a shiver, you realize it is a tad on the sharp side.
Alesa plays a quiet note on Alesa's Flute in an attempt to get it in tune.
IAlesa quietly plays on her instrument.  A peaceful, blissful feeling surrounds you, for it is perfectly in tune!

"Fewer," Nick retorts, "Fewer people, not less."  But he moves up toward the gather square and eyes those there--not that there are any shortage of people to eye.  "Look, that girl over there.  Ask her to dance."

"--Whatever. You know what I meant." Obviously. And that's all that counts. "Dance? No way. I don't dance." Except with his /mom/. Thus, Shaon's going to fail this little task. "I'd rather be a wallflower."

Risya walks up from the gather meadow.

Alesa tunes her flute, eager to get started. Around her a small group of harpers has gathered, one on gitar, one on drums and one singer. Alesa calls out "Are we ready for some gather music?!" and plays a long low note on her flute. Drums start to beat expectantly and gitar strums. Immediately the group of 4 starts a Pernese reel, a high tempo, upbeat tune.

Gather Square and Market
  The east end of the square is open, save for the harper's stage, and a cooling breeze blows in off the sea.  Beyond the stage you can see the white sandy beach, just down the hill from the gather square.  The main gather meadow lies to the south.
Mists of lavendar and spring green drape around square in decorative air, filmy fabric twisted into curtaining tacked atop intermittent arranged poles. Dim lightting placed around dance floor to give airy festive feel to whole gather square, platform of harpers playing music at far end to drift melody over breeze to dancers.
  It is a spring evening. 
You see Alesa's Pack here.
Kurt, Nicholarin, Shaon, and Risya are here.
Obvious exits:
Runner Track     Amphitheater     Gather Meadow

"Yeah, sure," Nick retorts, giving Shaon a sturdy nudge with his elbow.  The music starting up, though, has Nick draggin Shaon toward the square.  "Come on.  If you can't find a girl that'll dance with you, I'll--er--I'll find one."  Because Nick is more attractive than Shaon so can get girls more easily?

"C'mon, I already said I don't wanna dance." Maybe Shaon's more shy than he's made out to be. He offers a bit of resistance towards the trader, but follows after the boy, albeit reluctantly. And Shaon's plenty attractive, thankyouverymuch, as a side note. He's got /nice eyes/.
Risya makes her way towards the dancing square, having not done enough damage earlier, one might presume - or just to be browsing the market side of things. The prize from earlier is no-where in sight (nor any hatchling as of yet), which allows the girl to take her time looking here and there, as her head bobs a bit with the music provided.

The harper singer starts her tune, singing in a rich mezzo-soprano. "Gather, gather gather, its a gather day! No work for us and thread's awayy". The other musicians eagerly accompany her. Alesa trills her flute at the high notes and slurs some notes in between in a very fast 6/8 tempo. The drummer taps and beats his drum and encourages the crowd to clap to the beat as well. Gitar player strums mostly major chords for this upbeat tune.

Nicholarin laughs at Shaon's protests and then spots someone He Knows!  "Risya!  Hey!"  Shaon's wrist is grasped and Nick drags him through the crowd to the girl.  "Hey!  How have you been?  This is my friend Shaon."
"Uh, hi." Oh, awkward. Shaon lifts a hand quickly in a short wave, though distracts himself by looking towards the Harpers, if briefly. "What's up?" See, he can play it cool. He's not even blushing that badly.

"Nicholarin?" Risya asks at the 'Hey' bit, offering a smile to both Nick and his dragged-along companion, "I didn't think I would be seeing you again so soon.. enjoying the gather?" she asks, the first part of the question to Nick, the second to both  of the boys, foot tapping along with the rapid beat, even if she's usually off the tempo.

** Kurt just set the @party!  Type @party to check it out! **
The Harpers are playing down at the Gather Meadow. Stop in and dance to some hip harper beats!
  -- entered by Kurt on 2008-06-22 21:22 MOO Time. (13 seconds)

The singer continues "Stalls are building, square's swept clear,Gather all from far and near!" Alesa stands and sways to the beat as she is filled with the passion and emotion of making music and celebration. Tall drummer joins her, circling around her as he beats his drum as if the two musicians are dancing through playing their instruments. Gitar player gives a grin as if amused and keeps in perfect time. Meanwhile the flits of the players have begun a dance of their own, diving and climbing around their heads. Hey, they're HarperCraft flizzen, could you expect any less?

Nicholarin grins toward Shaon and says, "Actually, Risya's a candidate.  And Shaon's turnday was less than a fortnight ago.  I didn't get him anything proper, but I'm hardly going to give him a kiss or anything like that," he adds with a punch to Shaon's shoulder.  "Having fun so far, Risya?  Why not dancing?"

---?" Yes, that's Shaon looking at Nick with a blank stare. What does his turnday have to do with anything now? Absolutely positively nothing. He gives the candidate a helpless look and a shrug of his shoulders before he shoves his hands into his pockets without rubbing at his arm at the impact site.

"Happy belated turnday, Shaon," Risya offers to Shaon, before shaking her head. "Myrdin insisted - then went limping off later, due to the number of times I trampled the poor sweetie's feet. Also.." And here the girl almost bounces, unusual enough for her, ".. I won a firelizard egg from the archery contest. Well, not so much won, as being given, as I was dead last, having missed each and every target...."

The singer goes on "Bring your marks and bring your wares, Bring your family for there's,Food and drink and fun and song!" Alesa continues to step in time, with her flute accompaniment, her body, heart and fingers fully into the tune. The drummer grows tired of stepping about her and sits back in his chair, contempalting getting a good mug of klah to bolster his energy. Gitar player comes to the front of the ensemble to do a short solo as the reel goes on.

A few more couples come into the square and start to dance. The harper stage is obscured by a myriad of colors, greens, blues and purples, knots of all crafts, and some sparkling jewelry adorning the graceful necks of some of the more affluent holders wives.

Nicholarin snorts at Shaon's reply, grasping the back of his collar and adding, "Weirdest thing, I usually can't shut him up."  And then he gives Shaon another nudge and nods toward Risya.  Say. Some. Thing.  "Really?" is asked of Risya.  "That's fantastic.  You do archery?"

"Thanks," Shaon says, pulling one hand out of his pocket to rub at the back of his neck as eyes turn towards the sky briefly. He does manage a snicker however, at the mention of losing the contest. "Nice consolation prize." No, really. And the collar grasping? That's a no-go. Shaon rolls a shoulder in attempt to rid it of Nick's hand. And he gives Nick a 'and what am I supposed to say' kind of look.

"Not particularly - missed every single shot available..." Risya admits with a rather cheerful smile. Then nods a bit, "I was expectin' a bit of ribbon, or maybe some flowers, or some such. Of course, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm certain to be insane. It's hard enough keeping myself in one piece - now I'm doing it with a little 'lizard, once it hatches? And speaking of all this, why'd you disappear?" she tacks on, suddenly turning on Nich, and seemingly ignoring the collar bit, though Shaon gets a bit of a sympathetic look at the collar-tugging.

Nicholarin grins at the mention of being insane, but nods, "You'll have a little more trouble...taking care of one of them," he says, grinning and releasing Shaon.  "Well, we were looking for dance partners, but there's only one of you and two of us..."  Hint hint.

"I'm not dancing with you." In case Nick was considering a 'threesome' dance. Shaon does look pointedly at Risya though... and says nothing. Maybe he was trying telepathy or something. Feel it. Feeeeel it.
I don't understand that.

The singing harper lass finishes her song "The Hold flag flies:so gather along!" Alesa grows weary of her marching/swaying so she too sits down, feeling a need for some klah herself. Blue flit Valdi lands on her head and starts scritching her head sympathetically. The gitar player finishes his solo and steps back to his seat in the line of musicians. Drummer  plays the final beats, and all musicians arrive at their final note together.

"I'm pretty sure my acceptance to Standin' means I can't cut myself in half. Not only would it be extremely messy and painful, but that'd be leaving me with two left fee... oh, right. I already have those. And honestly - I really am not one for dancing. Myrdin is a sweetie, but I saw him limpin' away." To Shaon, Ris asks, "He's that bad of a dancing partner?"

The dancing couples whirl and twirl and start to slow as the song comes to an end. Many stop and clap, catching their breaths after such a fast, vigorous reel. Some take this time to go to the beverage tent for some wine, redfruit juice, and steaming  mugs of tasty klah.

Nicholarin laughs and shakes his head, "I'm a better dancer than Shaon is.  I /had/ to learn," he adds emphatically.  "But Shaon is nervous he'll fall in love with me," Nick adds with a bit more grinning.  "So he doesn't want to touch me."

"No, it's just--weird." Girls can dance with one another, but boys? Awkward! Unless they're "together", which Shaon and Nick most certainly aren't. "Music stopped anyway," Shaon's quick to point out, nudging his chin towards the harpers. But then Nick says -that-, which lands a nice slug to the other boy's arm. "You wish," he snorts, shaking his head. "Apparently we -both- suck." Shaon then mentions to the girl. "So maybe we'll cancel each other out. Wanna dance?" And leave Nick to sulk or something.

Risya eyes Nicholarin for a long moment, "I suspect a story. If I mai.. I mean, dance with the both of you, will I get a true one?" she asks, before considering Shaon, "I think so, but first I want to see if bribery works."

"Ow!  I /have/ someone I like," Nick insists, making a face at Shaon.  But the question of the girl gets a wide-eyed look and Nick starts to sneak away.  "Yeah, I'll go get us drinks and you two have a dance.  Story?" he adds, eyebrows raised.  "No...just Shaon likes to sleep with me."  Heh heh, and then he slips off through the crowd.

"You're such a loser!" Shaon snorts, shaking his head albeit being amused. And then to Risya he can't help but say "He spoons like a girl." Regardless if it's true or not. "So where you from? I mean, obviously you're a candidate. So before that?" And this would be Shaon opening up. Sort of. 

Risya reaches up to rub at her nose - no smile to hide, nope, not a bit... before speaking up, "Ista Weyr, actually. Seamstress, one of many. And... I'll not touch either of those comments, though I'm sure it makes for a very snuggly evening." So apparently she won't touch it, she'll get right up close and personal with it.

"Other way around--I woke up and--" And Nick gets drowned out by the music and the crowd, so it'll remain a secret after that, won't it?
"Seriously?" And Shaon never took notice before. Imagine that. "Me too. I mean, I'm Weyrbred, born and raised." Nick is eyed for his attempted comments, but alas! Music. What a shame. "Crafter now though. Had to get away." So, they're not exactly dancing, but talking's 
just as good, right?

Alesa is tired, especially after such a long and high energy song. "We're going to take a short break and be back in about 15 minutes!" she calls out, putting her flute on her chair and heading to the beverage tent. The other musicians follow suit.

Risya offers a crooked grin, "At Ista? Well, unless you were one to be spendin' time with the seamstresses, I'm like as not to be looked over - even with them. Not the sort to talk one's head off, very often." Gather, aside, it would seem. Nick gets a cheerful wave, and then a bit of a whistle, using fingers, for the harpers.

Nicholarin comes back with a trio of drinks, but merely sets himself down at one of the tables, offering his random neighbor a little grin, and diving into his own drink.

"Not really, no. Actually spent a few turns down this way when my mom was seeing this guy." Yes, Shadis is just 'this guy' now. "Moved back though when she got back together with my dad. Have a billion brothers and sisters." But who doesn't in a Weyr, right? And then Shaon gives a nudge of his chin towards Nick as he arrives. "He got us drinks."

"Now I know he's tryin' to get me into a spot of trouble.. though they did say... shall we join them?" Risya asks, moving to Shaon's side to meander back over to Nick, "Even when you don't have a billion, seems like it, at the Weyr."

Nicholarin looks up as they come back and says, "Bad timing.  But don't worry, I have drinks as promised!  Here's for you and for you," and he passes one each toward Shaon and Risya.

"Well, I really do. I think the count's up near twenty four now. All by the same father," Shaon says drolly. "He's weyrmated now though to Lzi and just had /another/ recently. It's insane." And Shaon's figures might be off... by one or two. "And I'm smack in the middle of them all." 

"Hey," is towards Nick as they approach. "Thanks, man." For the drinks, though it can be taken any way, really. The one handed to him is given a tentative sniff before a sip.

Risya blinks, bemused, asking as she picks up the mug, "Not confusin' at all, right?" to Shaon, before taking a sip, a look of bliss appearing, "Redfruit juice!" A second sip is taken, before she adds, "A bit tart, too."

The musicians take their places after their break and start a new song. The tempo is not /quite/ as fast as the reel but a jaunty tune to be sure. The harper singer drinks some water and then sings one note strong and clear while the other instrumentalists make sure their instruments are still in tune.

"I'm addicted, what can I say?" Nick reverences the drink in the girl's hand.  "Shaon's always in the middle of something--usually a mess," the taller boy adds with a bit of a grin.  Apparently he can't resist making fun of his friend.

"Always a mess. But, I'm on a clean slate right now," which makes Shaon's life a heck of a lot easier. "Nothing to worry about." He takes a few more sips from his mug before lowering it to his side. "So. Candidate, huh? Never did that myself." This would be Shaon's poor excuse at striking an interesting conversation. 

The vocalist does a small introduction. "Here's an older but popular song. Its called 'Galen's Firelizard!'. Is anyone here familiar with the tune?" She claps her hands as several in the crowd start cheering and clapping.  She starts to warble the aforementioned tune "When the heavens are red and silver with Thread,And outside the dragons do roar,There is one little friend who is true to the end, On his wings my spirit can soar", she pauses. Alesa accents her notes in harmony with the singer. The drummer beats his instrument in about a 4/4 time signature and the gitar player strums along. 

"Can't be blaming you for that one - I would fairly live on this, if I could,"Ris admits, before grinning at Shaon. "A clean slate, now and then, is a good thing. And.. yes. First time, despite livin' there. Rather o..." Her words are terminated by one of the riders coming up, "Time to be heading back, Candidate - already got one rider, you're tagged for the second." A flash of disappointment is visable, before she stands up, "Of course, Rider. Sorry, Nick, Shaon. Maybe we'll be able to talk later? After the Hatching, if not sooner?"

The vocalist continues, brightly "Sure a dragon's a thing to make any heart sing,But there's smaller delights I have seen,Flying here, flying there, he's at home in the air,'Tis a lizard with wings that I mean!" Alesa continues in much the same fashion, as her flits perk up their heads, on the indication that the song may be about them! The harper drummer chuckles at the firelizards' response to the song as he drums a bit faster at the end of each stanza. Meanwhile the gitar player manages to get a few flits to land on the neck of his instrument but he has to shoo them away so he can continue to play.

The vocalist finishes her piece "True, he plays in the sun and has plenty of fun,Ah, but don't judge this book by its cover,With a love that is blind, firelizards, you'll find,Are more faithful than many a lover!" Alesa concludes with a high trilled b flat, followed by the drummer's final thumps. The gitar player and all the other player stand and take a bow, finished their set for the night. They all sing "We thank you for your time, this Gather, come to  Harper Hall for more singing, dancing, and blather!"

The crowd thins a bit, likely to retire for the night and the performers relax for a time themselves, chatting and enjoying refreshments.
Alesa takes a sip of her klah and hears a noise from within her egg pot. "Oh?" she asks her shoulder ornaments "Do you think its about to hatch?" Green and blue chirrup an enthusiastic agreement! The woman fishes out some jerky from her pack and has it ready for the egg which is shaking and cracking slightly. She moves it to a soft spot in the gather meadow grass.

Gather Meadow
You are standing in a wide grassy area that spreads out before you. It rises gradually to meet the hold valley in the west. A road continues through the field over the rise to the Hold's cliff and comes down in the north to the main gather square. To the south you can see a small waterfall tumbling down the hillside, which gathers into a stream and runs toward the sea.
  It is a spring late night. 
Gliding around is a green firelizard.
You see a wagonmaster, Dilse Caravan Wagon 1, Dilse Caravan Wagon 3, Dilse Caravan Wagon 4, Dilse Caravan Wagon 5, Dilse Supply Wagon 1, Dilse Supply Wagon 2, Sweet Champagne, Istan Wagon One, Archery Target, Bow, Beverage Tent, Games Tent, Seacraft Tent, Dolphincraft Pavilion, Smith Booth, Harper's Tent, WeaverCraft Tent, and Healer First Aid Station here.
Obvious exits:
Beach     Runner Track     Gather Square     Hold Pastures     Hold Valley     Gardens     Barracks

 Alesa stands in the huge gather meadow, and gently sets down the shuddering Green Jade colored egg.

Green Jade Egg
Like a piece of cut jade, this egg is a bright emerald green, its gemlike shading catching the subtle light and refracting it in a rainbow prism of color.  It almost appears translucent, and as you look at it from different angles, you wonder if you can actually see the hatchling inside, or if the shadowy shape is merely an optical illusion. The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Green Jade Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Unearthed Blue Hatchling
Travesties of rough turquoise have rubbed color on a bantam blue, his size little greater in mass than a green's. His slim limbs produce an adequate means of balance with the agility one has cause to expect. Dark matted browns speckle all of his wedge-shaped snout, even freckling the ridges of his eyes. Both head knobs and spine ridges have a low, weighted look to them and also expect some flecks like ground black pepper. A more lucid blue-green highlights fine-boned wing spars and slashes brightness to a short, high-held tail. 
Unearthed Blue Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Alesa, creeling piteously.

Alesa kneels down and calls to the confused and hungry little blue. "Here you go, food! its really good, I promise!" Good being a relative term as she was not sure how /long/ the jerky had been sitting in her pack. Still, the little flit gobbles it up hastily then eats the rest of the mound placed before it. He grows weary and hops into his humanpet's lap and falls asleep. Alesa laughs and pulls out a pot of oil from her pack, giving the baby a little oil before heading on home. She puts the sleepy firelizard on the one small patch of her shoulder that is unoccupied and strides back home and to bed.
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